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How to compile Argon2 yourself

  1. Clone Argon2 source: git clone
  2. cd phc-winner-argon2.git
  3. Compile and test it: make && make test
  4. Copy the library (name usually starts with libargon2) to a place of your choice
  5. Set the Java system property jna.library.path to the directory where your library is stored. Example: The library is located in /home/moe/tmp/phc-winner-argon2/ Start your Java application with -Djna.library.path=/home/moe/tmp/phc-winner-argon2/
  6. If it doesn't work, set the Java system property jna.debug_load to true. This will print JNA library lookup details to the console. Example: -Djna.debug_load=true

You can make it available to JNA by placing them under your resources/{OS}_{ARCH}. In this case you don't need to use any extra system property. Check the JNA getting started guide for details.

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