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Small showcase for Jacksons polymorphic deserialization feature
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Jackson's Polymorphic Deserialization

This repo contains an abstract class Animal, which has two subtypes: Cat (with a boolean flag canMeow) and a Dog (with a boolean flag canBark).

Serializing an object of Cat or Dog is no problem, because Jackson can find out the actual class at runtime. Problems start when trying to deserialize the JSON.


Cat cat2 = mapper.readValue(catJson, Cat.class);

works, because of the Cat.class in the method call. But what if you want to read a JSON, which could contain a Dog or a Cat?

Animal dog2 = mapper.readValue(dogJson, Animal.class);

For that you can use @JsonTypeInfo. Take a look at the Animal class.

The JSON result looks like this:

    "type" : "cat",
    "name" : "Ms. Cat",
    "canMeow" : true
    "type" : "dog",
    "name" : "Mr. Dog",
    "canBark" : true
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