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Artisanal, free-range Ipsum text for ST2 and ST3.
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Hipster Ipsum for Sublime Text 2 and 3

If you were into Lorem ipsum before it sold out and have been looking for something to fill the void, Hipster Ipsum is your new bicycle. Pull bespoke filler text from Hipster Ipsum, via the Hipster Jesus API, and have it Occupy Sublime.


You've probably never heard of Sublime Package Control, but it's the preferred method for installing HipsterIpsum. DIYers can find small-batch source files at the GitHub repository.


Select a number from 1 to 99 and press Ctrl+Alt+H, and 1 to 99 pop-up paragraphs will be inserted. If the selection is not an authentic number or nothing is selected, whatever---the plugin will consult the readymade settings or your custom-built settings for a default number of paragraphs and insert that. For a lo-fi substitute, type "hipstum" and hit tab.


  • "paragraphs": A sustainable number of paragraphs to insert by default.
  • "ipsum_type": Set to "hipster-centric" for single-origin hipster text and "hipster-latin" for hipster text with a Latinate mustache.
  • "html": Should the text be pickled in <p> tags?


Thanks to Will Bond for his tutorial on creating a Sublime Text 2 plugin, which offered some next-level solutions to a few difficulties. Thanks as well to the requests library, the sustainable biodiesel motor behind the farm-to-table HTTP.

Cosby Sweater

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