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Now Hear This

Markboard3 is now testing experimental compatibility with Windows and Linux as well as OS X. Please feel free to test away and report any issues on the appropriate Github pages.

Markboard3 for Sublime Text 3

Markboard3 is a quick-and-dirty plugin for Sublime Text 3 that processes a Markdown document and copies the output to the clipboard as rich text. Its target audience is that Venn slice of people whom both WYSIWYG editors and completely raw text cause to twitch, who enjoy the expressive force of an emphasized word but also the austerity of a monospaced buffer, who would sooner part with their typing fingers than their typesetting systems but compromise their staunchness each and every time they want to italicize a book title in an e-mail. To these people, Markboard is proudly dedicated. Go forth and WYG no more.


Due to Sublime 3's move to a custom Python interpreter, Markboard now requires Pandoc. Once Pandoc is installed, you can find Markboard3 in the Sublime Package Control database. Just enter ⌘+⇧+P to bring up the Command Palette, search for "Package Control: Install Package," and search the list of packages for "Markboard3." You can also use the "ZIP" link above, or, in your Sublime Text 3 packages directory, enter this command:

git clone git://

If you install Pandoc to a directory other than the default, please change the pandoc_path setting in Markbaord.sublime-settings so that the package can find it.


Just press Ctrl+Alt+c in any Markdown document, switch to a rich-text editor, and paste. You can also select specific parts of your Markdown source for processing; if there are multiple selections, they'll be strung together with two newlines between them and copied as a unit.


  • Markboard3 will only run on Mac OS X.
  • Trying to copy formatted text within a few seconds after opening Sublime will sometimes fail.