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Instructions to set up DateLife server. Note that docker hub automatically rebuilds the bomeara/datelife image with pushes to phylotastic/datelifedocker, so this typically won't be needed, but can help with debugging.

Download datelifedocker.

Go to datelifedocker directory and write

docker build -t datelife .

To build with no cache

docker build -t datelife --no-cache .

Then start the server with

docker run -t -i -p 80:3838 datelife

After building, you can push to docker hub

docker tag datelife bomeara/datelife

docker login

docker push bomeara/datelife

and then other machines can download it as is to run:

docker pull bomeara/datelife

And run it as

docker run -t -i -p 80:3838 bomeara/datelife

Now, go to http://localhost on any browser to watch the server running


docker run -t -i -p 80:3838 bomeara/datelife sh -c '/bin/bash'

Will log you into the server so you can look around (i.e., in the /srv dir).

Once you've finished looking around, just type exit and you will be logged out.

You can run multiple instances using

docker-compose up -d --scale datelife=10 for ten instances


Go to node where swarm is being managed. You can change the number of workers in replicas in docker-compose-swarm.yml

sudo docker stack deploy --compose-file docker-compose-swarm.yml datelife

See how it's doing with

sudo docker stack services datelife

And stop it with

sudo docker stack rm datelife

For domain, *, @, www all resolve to (yes, with a period after edu) using CNAME


Dockerfile to set up DateLife server. I hope.




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