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Contains the code for running the datelife website.

Ideally, the directories here go inside /srv/shiny-server. See the Dockerfile for datelifedocker.


To test (you need to have a recent version of devtools installed in R):


To start the server:


To test once it's running, you can use the GUI in the web browser that opens and play with it. If you want to use the API:

curl http://localhost:5802/ocpu/library/datelifeweb/R/run -d "input='Rhinoceros%20unicornis%2CEquus%20caballus%2CMus%20musculus'&format='mrca' "

[changing the URL as appropriate]

This will give you back something like


You can then get values:

curl http://localhost:5802/ocpu/tmp/x0ea8fe25ca/R/.val/print


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Nyakatura, Katrin, Olaf RP Bininda-Emonds. 2012. Updating the evolutionary history of Carnivora (Mammalia): a new species-level supertree complete with divergence time estimates. BMC Biology 10 (1): 12

We also have a test version running with opencpu using github hooks:

This is ONLY for testing. Do not use for real analysis.