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A light implementation of Liquid Democracy.

It is "light" with respect to:

  • Technology:

    • It uses a Neo4j-Graphdatabase via bulbs (, i.e. a REST-interface (instead of a RDBMS)
    • It uses the Python micro webframework Flask (instead of a full-blown framework like Django or Pyramide)
    • No caching
    • No i18n
    • Little security
    • Hardly any javascript
  • Software Engineering:

    • No fancy abstraction layers
    • No built-in version-management of items.
    • No "Design Patterns".
  • Requirements: It implements just the core set of requirements, i.e.

    • Instances: An instance comprises a set of proposals and users. -- implemented --
    • Users: Basic user-management (login, sign-in, logout) -- implemented --
    • Proposals: Add, delete, view Proposals. -- implemented --
    • Voting: One Up-Vote/Down-Vote per User per Proposal / Comment. -- implemented --
    • Comments: Add, delete and vote for discussion-comments of a proposal. -- implemented --
    • Rationals: Add, delete and vote for pro-/con-rationals of a proposal. -- not yet implemented --
    • Delegations: Delegate own vote to other user(s) relative to parlament, proposal or whole instance. -- right in the process of being implemented -- (I dont yet know: Should the delegation also be projected to past actions?)
    • Parlaments: Add, delete Parlaments (in which proposals can be raised); actually, that's nothing but a mechanism to tag proposals. -- just implemented --

Install on a Linux-System

  • Install neo4j and neo4j-server to a path of your choice (say: /path/to/neo4j) and start the server via

    $ cd /path/to/neo4j
    $ bin/neo4j start
  • create a new local python environment

    $ virtualenv venv

    (note: there may arise problems with the newest bulbs-version; some functions which returned generators now may return NONE iff the generator contains no values; hopefully, this design decision will not last....)

  • activate the environment

    $ source venv/bin/activate
  • Install Flask and Bulbs

    (venv)$ pip install flask
    (venv)$ pip install bulbs
  • clone/copy this git-repo and start the main programm

    (venv)$ git clone liquidDemocracyXXS
    (venv)$ cd LiquidDemocracy-XXS
    (venv)$ python

    Be sure not to use the global /usr/bin/python-Python but the local .../venv/bin/python-Python of the local environment.

  • open a webbrowser and call http://localhost:5000

Use the Test Data

  • You are free to use the Neo4j-test data, provided in the data-folder of this repository.

  • It contains proposals (written in german), Users (which all use the password bla; the admin-user is

  • tobias), Comments (written in german), Parlaments, Votings, two Instances.

  • Install the test data by copying the data-Folder to /path/to/neo4j (probably just copying will work, however I am not fully sure about it). :

Install on Windows

I found it much easier to set up the development environment on a Linux-System. Perhaps you want to install Linux e.g. on VirutalBox inside Windows and go on with the above instructions? If not, try to do the following:

Install python, setuptools and pip

  • install setuptools from

  • Add C.\Python2x\ and C:\Python2x\scripts to the windows path variable

  • Open a new DOS shell and run

    > easy_install pip
  • activate the environment

    > \path\to\env\Scripts\activate
  • install flask, bulbs and dateutil

    > pip install flask
    > pip install bulbs
    > pip install python-dateutil

    Note: To get it all working, you must have a compiler installed (e.g. Visual Studio 2008 or mingw)

  • Download the latest stable release of the Neo4j-Graphdatabase (

  • Start the Neo4j-Server (you need a Java Runtime Environment for that):

    > bin\Neo4j.bat
  • Run the script with python; a Test-Webserver is included.


An Extremely Light Liquid Democracy Tool






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