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"Now the whole world had one language and a common speech." -- Genesis 11:1

Twitters streaming API hooked up to Bing translator allowing you to understand what's happening everywhere in the world in real time in your native language. This project leverages the recently released hosebird framework for easy access to the sample and filter streams.


Before you can get started, you'll need developer accounts for both Twitter and Bing Translator.

1- Create a Twitter account first if you don't have one. Click here

2- Create a Twitter application. Click here

3- Create a Azure application. Follow instructions here.

4- Add Bing & Twitter credentials to babel-hose/src/main/resources/org/phyous/babelhose/settings.json

5- You'll need java and maven installed. See here for windows and here for everyone else.

6- Compile the code: mvn clean install

Usage Examples

  • Get help:

java -jar target/babel-hose-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -help

usage: babel-hose
 -f,--filterList <arg>   Comma delimited list of strings to filter tweets
                         by. Defaults to null.
 -h,--help               Display help.
 -l,--language <arg>     Language to translate to. Defaults to 'en'. See
                         here for supported list:
 -m,--mode <arg>         Processing mode for tweets. Defaults to 'hose'.
 -n,--numTweets <arg>    The number of tweets to process before exiting.
                         Defaults to 1000.
 -q,--qps <arg>          Queries per second. Defaults to 2.0.
  • Translate the 100 most recent non-english tweets into english (show ~3 tweets a second):

java -jar target/babel-hose-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -qps 3 -language=en -numTweets=100

--- @erikbertaina : Mon Mar 04 06:19:53 +0000 2013 ---> [Location: argentina]
[es] Esperando, simplemente, viendo cómo el tiempo pasa sin que pase nada =>
[en] Waiting for you, just seeing how time goes by without you pass nothing
  • Help the French understand what yolo means:

java -jar target/babel-hose-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -filterList="#yolo" -language=fr

--- @itsjaylin : Mon Mar 04 06:24:46 +0000 2013 ---> [Location: Austin, Texas]
[en] Forget #YOLO, its all about them #ROLO's. =>
[fr] Oubliez #YOLO, son tout environ de leur #ROLO.
  • Help the Americans understand european football:

java -jar target/babel-hose-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -filterList="fútbol" -language=en

--- @jonaspekee : Mon Mar 04 06:25:58 +0000 2013 ---> [Location: Guayaquil-Ecuador]
[es] RT @RMFutbolOnline: Didier Drogba: "La mayoría de los fans del Barcelona, son niños quienes vieron fútbol ayer por primera vez en su vida". =>
[en] RT @RMFutbolOnline: Didier Drogba: "the majority of the Barcelona fans, are children who saw football yesterday for the first time in his life".
  • A special debug mode that shows discrepancies in translations of twitter entities (@/#/$/Url)

java -jar target/babel-hose-1.0-jar-with-dependencies.jar -m entity