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18xx Maker

Build Status

This is a small pet project to help layout and print 18xx games.

Important Note: A small version of the site is up and running on This version only has a few games on it. If you want to see all games included in the data files you'll need to download the app and run it yourself (or run the public docker image). If any designers/publishers would like to add their games to this public site just let me know!

This project was bootstrapped with Create React App.


I've been asked about donation buttons; if you find this software useful to you and would like to donate money towards its development you can do so via paypal or square cash.

Deprecations and Breaks

I try to keep the tool as backwards compatible as possible, but I'm allowing breaking changes until I decide that version 1.0 is ready for release. I will try to list major ones here. Please open issues for any breaking changes that aren't listed here so I can either fix, or add it.

  • Way to define special tokens has changed, take a look at the atoms page to see examples of the new ones.
  • If you used the new map Border features during the first three days after launch... I broke it already. Moving to a more full featured coordinate system.
  • extraTokens has been renamed to marketTokens (still defaults to 3). extraHomeTokens has been renamed to extraStationTokens. This is for clarity, I'm sorry for any inconvience, but the old names were extremely confusing for new users.
  • The old method for defining a company color with the token field has been removed. Please use "color": "black" (for example) or define an actual token object if you want to set type and an array of colors for your company tokens.
  • A lot of features dealing with logos and svgs won't work if you defined your cities using colors and labels in the companies array. In order to put a company in a city please just provide the companies abbrev in an array of companies. Otherwise it will make a label with exactly what you specify (allowing any text / colors / etc to be used in city nodes).


Please check out the docs for how to run the site locally.


Please check out the docs for how to print pdf's from the command line.


Please check out the docs for information on how to output a full board18 game box .zip file from the command line.


Running the site

Please check out the docs for information on how to run the site locally to make changes.

Adding a game

  1. Copy one of the game files you feel should be closest to the game you're entering from the src/data/games folder. Rename it and edit it as much as needed. Please put it in the public folder if you would like the game to appear on the public site.

  2. Before opening a PR please run yarn validate and correct any errors.


Please check out the docs for information on how to run the site locally via Docker.


Prototype 18xx React Library




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