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pi desktop deb

File Tree


python file

path: usr/share/PiDesktop/python


shutdown shell


1.Edit the file /boot/config.txt,changing 'dtoverlay=i2c-rtc,pcf8563'.
2.Edit the file /lib/udev/hwclock-set,commenting out some code.
3.Disable fake-hwclock.service


Change boot parameters. Edit the file /boot/cmdline.txt,changing 'root=/dev/sda2'.


1.Check if there is a mSATA disk. piclone

shell file

path: usr/share/PiDesktop/script

  • ppp-hdclone


  • sync-hwclock

synchronous time


path: lib/systemd/system Create the startup service.

  • embest.service


  • embest-shutdown.service

call sync-hwclock

Deb File

####Deb control shell

  • control

Deb file's infomation.

  • postinst

Run after install deb file completion.

  1. Add +x to shell files.
  2. Generate link script(/usr/bin) to and ppp-hdclone.
  3. Enable services(embest-shutdown.service and embest.service).
  • postrm

run before remove deb file completion.

####Make pidesktop-base.deb file,command line run:

dpkg -b pidesktop-base/ pidesktop-base.deb

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