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Pi Engine Changelog
Pi 2.5.0
March 20th, 2014
* Added `GeoIp` service for IP geolocation support
Pi 2.4.0
March 8th, 2014
* Refactored API calls to be compatible with registry and model calls: changed `Pi::api(<module>)` and `Pi::api(<module>, <api>)` to `Pi::api(<api>, <module>)`
* Added built-in support for module custom with build metadata versioning
* Added built-in support for module and theme custom asset
* Simplified config API with `Pi::config()`
* Merged module `asset` and `public`, located in `www/asset`; independent asset deployment dropped off
* Moved custom static to `asset/custom` folder for better deployment
* Moved system abstract API classes to sub namespace `Api` located in `lib/Pi/Application/Api`
* Added support for custom bootstrap and online custom bootstrap in themes
* Added service of `string` for multi-byte string handling
* Upgraded Zend Framework to 2.2.6 final
* Added config folders/files:
- var/config/event.listener.php
* Modified config files:
- var/config/engine.php
- var/config/host.php
- var/config/hosts.php
Pi 2.3.0
Dec 3rd, 2013
* Added support for custom configuration and module templates/extensions
* Refactored user API service with support for persistent profile
* Modified config files: `var/config/service.authentication.php`; `var/config/service.user.php`
* Added config for PHP-CS-Fixer: .php_cs
* Moved timezone initialization from `Pi` class to `boot.php` for PSR "side effect" compliance
* Modified boot file content: `boot.php`
* Changed `Pi::registry` API to `Pi::entity`
* Added API `Pi::registry()` as alias for `Pi::service('registry')->handler()`
* Added API `Pi::api()` as alias for `Pi::service('api')->handler()`
* Added support for module schema parsing
* Added HTML5/CSS detection `modernizr` as a jQuery extension
* Upgraded Zend Framework to 2.2.6
* Implemented bootstrap-responsive for mobile device
* Implemented `angular.js` with view helpers
* Added filters: `YesNo`, `Gender`, `DateTimeFormatter`
* Changed route spec to support route name definition
* Added API to fetch module resource meta directly
* Improved user service significantly to support for extensible profile, activity and master-slave user access
* Added Image service based on `Imagine` library
* Added Permission service with support for customizable page/action control and application logic control
* Added Remote access service with cache and HTTP authentication support
* Added Avatar service supporting extensible resources: upload, gravatar, local, etc.
* Added comment service with built-in support for modules
* Refactored authentication service to allow for third-party strategy including SSO
* Added `simplesamlphp` as SSO solution for IdP and SP
* Added support for public web resources that require same domain as main application
* Added support for custom templates in usr/<module>/template/<template.file>
* Changed i18n adapter from CSV to gettext, added i18n for validators, timezone and locales
* Added support for asset compress, located in `asset/_build/`
* Changed block handler class to sub namespace of Block as `Module\<ModuleName>\Block`
* Replaced jump page with FlashMessenger
* Implemented event/hook in system, user, comment, etc.
* Provided new primary modules: `article`, `comment`, `message`, `saml`, `tag`, `uclient`, `user`
* Fixed bugs discovered by @LoneShooter, @MarcoXoops, @voltan, etc.
* Pi Engine GitHub repository welcomes its 2,000th commit on November 8th, 2013 from @sexnothing for asset compress build #9fa21de4fa5205faec97e643529a5b307dacd9c2
* New Pi powered applications from various teams
* Added config folders/files:
- var/config/custom/
- var/config/saml/
- var/config/authentication.local.php
- var/config/authentication.saml.php
- var/config/host.comprehensive.php
- var/config/host.lean.php
- var/config/module.uclient.php
- var/config/service.asset.php
- var/config/service.avatar.php
- var/config/service.comment.php
- var/config/service.image.php
- var/config/service.remote.php
- var/config/service.session-admin.php
* Modified config files:
- var/config/application.admin.php
- var/config/application.api.php
- var/config/application.feed.php
- var/config/application.front.php
- var/config/host.php
- var/config/hosts.php
- var/config/service.authentication.php
- var/config/service.i18n.php
- var/config/service.user.php
Pi 2.2.2: 660cf88a7ffd60e8937621819d11c08c67f1a0ad
August 3rd, 2013
1. Added doc "Pi Engine Architecture Diagram"
2. Added Pi\File\Transfer\Download for file download and script/download.php for single file download
3. Added Pi\Service\Log::mute() and Debugger::mute to disable debugger output for some use cases.
4. Fixes Issue #113: Navigation page active is not properly detected
5. Added function for translation register: _t('Message to be translated later.')
6. Renamed Setup translation function name to _s() to avoid conflicts with translation placeholder function _t()
7. Added listener for error ViewModel under JSON/AJAX/Feed request
8. Added "pi-feature" and "pi-spotlight" blocks to homepage on installation
9. Added two new block zones to theme font layout: $block['0'] for head blocks and $block['99'] for foot blocks
10. Added browser support indication to theme configuration
11. Fixed Issue #121: exception messages were missed by ErrorStrategy template overwritten
12. Merged theme/template/error-exception.phtml to error.phtml
13. Modified config: var/config/config.application.php -- changed 'exception_template' value
14. Formulated return of Ajax/JSON request with format: array('status' => 1, 'message' => '', 'data' => array())
15. Default theme style refactoring
16. Refactored view helpers to allow for attributes: Backbone, Bootstrap, Css, JQuery, Js
17. CSS class/ID name standardization in process: prefixed with "pi-" and module identifier
18. Organized theme CSS to style.css for generic, front.css for front pages and admin.css for admin area
19. Build User APIs with avatar factory
20. Modified config file: var/config/application.front.php - removed authentication resource; var/config/service.user.php - changed key 'handler' to 'adapter'
21. Added syntactic sugar for escaper: '_escape' and '_strip' (@voltan) in lib/Pi/Utility/Filter.php
22. Added syntactic sugar for user service: Pi::user()
23. Upgraded to FontAwsome 3.2.1 (@krisxoofoo)
24. First import of complete user APIs
25. Added config 'list_number' to system for number of items on a list, added _t() to text for translation
26. Migrated to Bootstrap for setup by @voltan
27. Added support for extra extensions with Extra namespace
28. Added API engine and routes
29. Added system user model (by system module) and local user model (by user module)
30. Refactored Default theme with strict Bootstrap compliance and Pi theme with strict HTML 5 (@sexnothing, @voltan, @loidco, etc.)
31. Improved inline comments following docblock standards and generated Pi API at
32. Upgraded Zend Framework to 2.2.2 as Issue #151
33. Skipped translation for view helpers
34. Fixed Isse #166: error strategy should be performed prior to \Zend\Mvc\View\Http\InjectTemplateListener
Pi 2.2.0: 3f6aba29a5bc28ba759e48fcf2e13781b64cab69
June 19th, 2013
1. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.2.1
2. Formulated CSV file format: keys and values are required to be quoted with enclosure of ["]
3. Refactoring ZF related components: keep ZF untouched for smooth upgrade maintenance
4. Modified config files with separate config file: var/config/application.front.php; var/config/application.admin.php; var/config/application.feed.php
5. Added config file: var/config/config.application.php
6. Modified boot.php: added constant 'PI_BOOT_ENABLE' and removed 'PI_BOOT_SKIP'
7. Imported \RandomLib and \SecurityLib required by \Zend\Math\Rand
8. Added ErrorStrategy for all erroneous results
9. Added file: theme/template/error.phtml
10. Added Pi\Version\Version and removed Pi::VERSION
11. Added module availability check against module controller load
June 8th, 2013
1. Disabled form autocomplete in setup
2. Skip version comparison in debug mode for module update
3. Fixed bug in URL generation with duplicated '/' reported in Issue #66
4. Improved Filter to support regexp filter
5. Refactored module install/uninstall/update displaying information messages on a redirecting page
6. Formulated module install/uninstall/update result message structure for improvements in Issue #88
7. Added default value 'text' for renderer to markup service
8. Initiated system service Url
9. Initiated system service User
10. Added config file: var/config/service.user.php
11. Improved filter User
12. Changed route User parameter name 'name' to 'identity'
13. Added support for auto detection of locale
14. Added charset to service Locale
15. Modified locale file folders: usr/locale/zh-cn -- folder name must be in lower case
16. Modified config file: var/config/service.markup.php -- removing default value for encoding
17. Added vd shortcoming function to Debug
18. Refactored bootstrap resource: changed resource namespace to Pi\Application\Bootstrap\Resource; changed Pi\Application\Bootstrap to Pi\Application\Bootstrap\ModuleBootstrap
19. Changed Pi\Application\Engine\Standard methods: loadService to bootServices; setupResource to bootResources; loadResource to bootResource
May 24th, 2013
1. Upgraded system to 3.2.0
2. Modified configs: moved 'adminmail' to category 'mail'; changed 'fromname' to 'adminname', added 'mail_encoding' to category 'mail'; removed 'from', 'fromuid'
3. Changed default config values: 'sitename', 'slogan' in setup
4. Add 'name' to admin account in setup
5. Modified file boot.php removing 'PI_PATH_WWW'
6. Modified file var/config/host.php enabling parameters path-www and path-lib
7. Fixed bug causing block cache conflicts, reported in Issue #77
8. Changed backoffice mode name 'manage-Management' to 'manage-Setting'
9. Added support for theme template inheritance proposed in Issue #80
May 20th, 2013
1. Fixed config encode/decode conflicts reported by @MarcoXoops in Issue #13
2. Modified _sanitize() adding default filter as 'full_special_chars'; _date() adding default time
3. Added audit service
4. Added config file: var/config/service.audit.php
5. Improved mail service for template support
6. Added locale file: usr/module/system/locale/en/mail/mail-text.txt
7. Added locale file: usr/module/system/locale/en/mail/mail-html.txt
8. Added locale file: usr/module/system/locale/en/mail/mail-body.txt
9. Added TestController to system module with mail/audit test actions
May 4th, 2013
1. Applied _date() to system module by @voltan
2. Fixes bugs in navigation edit by @sexnothing
3. Improved parameter filtering functionality with PHP filter_id()
4. Added social widgets: Facebook Like, Google +1, Twitter share
5. Added mail service
6. Upgraded MakeItUp
7. Added config file: var/config/service.mail.php
April 19th, 2013
1. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.1.5
2. Improved Intl functions for BC by @voltan
3. Imported "test" module for module dependency test
4. Refactored HTML head/foot rendering to expose section positions
5. Added convenient methods for setting custom head title, keywords and description suggested by @voltan
6. Moved Pi\Debug to Pi\Debug\Debug
7. Refactored Pi\Security with Pi::service('Security') and Pi\Security\Security
8. Added files: var/config/
9. Modified files: var/config/
10. Added convenient methods and syntactic sugar for parameter filtering and sanitizing
April 8th, 2013
1. Fixed Issue #21 reported by @voltan: duplicated head keywords and description
2. Added missing head style in view renderer
3. Changed empty result of navigation registry from false to array() to avoid crash in backend with no-nav module
4. Refactored title/meta rendering
5. Improved cache option files
6. Added Pi\Cache\Storage\Adapter\Filesystem to record file expiration so that TTL is not required any more for reading cache
7. Added support for Intl extension with intlDateFormatter and NumberFormatter suggested by @voltan in Issue #24
8. Improved support for multi-host config
9. Fixed ACL resource bugs in module installation/uninstallation
10. Changed configuration related table fields from tinytext to text in System module v3.1.0
11. Added missing module_dependency table in System module v3.1.1
March 23rd, 2013
1. Fixed Issue #2 reported by @jemz: set default timezone in case not set in php.ini
2. Fixed BC issues caused by ZF2 including Issue #5 reported by @jemz
3. Upgraded Boostrap to 1.0.0 and Backbone to 2.3.1 by @sexnothing
March 14th, 2013
1. Created Pi public project in github/xoops/pi organization
2. Imported Pi code to Pi public repository from github/taiwen/pi
3. Announcement of Pi Day Release for Pi Engine
Pi-Day: 484a82299ffcfe5d4f537ee8c435a46afcbe8216
March 13th, 2013
1. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.1.1
2. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.1.2
3. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.1.3
4. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.1.4
5. Improved SESSION manager by implementing clear of expired items
Jan 6th, 2013
1. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.0.5
2. Changed project name to Pi Engine
3. Re-designed Back-office information architecture and navigation (Credits: EEFOCUS Team)
4. Implemented role edit
5. Implemented permission assignment
November 21st, 2012
1. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.0.4
2. Added convenient methods to 404/denied/exception pages
3. Added member management
4. Improved cache mechanism by changing options on-fly
October 30th, 2012
1. Added Xoops Engine Upload class with custom rename strategy support
2. Refactored block management, moved block edit to widget module
3. Added CaptureTo to HeadScript/HeadStyle/FootScript to avoid duplicated contents
4. Added gzip compression to response output
5. Added filesystem manipulation service based on Symphony\Filesystem
6. Completed custom module assets in themes
October 23rd, 2012
1. Changed backend menu to paired menus as following
| Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab | Tab |
------------- -------------------------------------------
| Sub Tab | Sub Tab | Sub Tab | Sub Tab | Sub Tab | Sub Tab |
| Third Tab |
| Third Tab |
| Third Tab |
| Third Tab |
October 8th, 2012
1. Restored "/doc" in dev branch
2. Changed application.standard.php to more informative application.front.php
3. Implemented feed controllers
4. Implemented site-wide foot scripts, useful for third-party analytics
5. Implemented asset versioning to flush browser caches
6. Upgraded ZF2 to 2.0.3dev
7. Implemented Backbone in vendor
8. Added widget module for custom blocks
August 25th, 2011
1 Added new installer in '/setup'
2 Added footScript section to layout
3 Added Redis to system persist
4 Added Markup component
5 Added FTP
6 Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.9
7 Implemented gettext as primary translation engine
8 Changed license to New BSD License
April 20th, 2011
1 Added namespace for app (in /usr/apps/) as "App" and module (in www/modules) as "Module"
2 Built WYSIWYG editor factory, integrated CKEditor and jQuery based ClEditor
3 Built security handler and resource, added XSS filter, IP protection, super globals contamination, etc.
4 Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.5
5 Block is refactored with Xoops/Zend_Form, more controllable with style, title switch, link, etc.
6 Added block compound, suggested by ezsky/dongbeta etc.
7 Formulated theme schema with global namespace
8 Changed .ini file to .ini.php for content protection, suggested by huzhenghui/ezsky/dongbeta, etc.
9 Added QA mode: only display debug information to specified IPs, suggested by huzhenghui
January 10th, 2011
1 Improved and simplified captcha mechanism
2 Improved bootstrap to allow resource loading on-fly
3 Added encrypt/decrypt based on 'phpseclib' package
4 Added autoloader for legacy classes
5 Changed class \Kernel\Service\Log name to \Kernel\Service\Logger and corresponding engine loggers to avoid conflicts between method logger::log and class name (construction method)
6 Changed /var/caches to /var/cache, /var/configs to /var/etc, /var/data to /var/log; moved /lib/applications to separate directory /usr
November 15th, 2010
1 Added multi-engine support and implemented the alternative engines "Lite", "Perfect" for non-db/non-page-cache mode
2 Added applet mechanism for non-db widget
3 Added ini module configs for non-db mode
4 Added namespace for module/app (scheduled)
5 Moved application entry files into folder htdocs/Application; Changed mainfile.php to Application/Boot.php, leaving mainfile.php to legacy applications
November 9th, 2010
1 Changed namespace for Xoops_Engine to allow for multiple engines
2 Added persist for class loader
3 Added extended/custom pluginloader to allow for persist cache
4 Added memcache support for session save handler
5 Upgraded Zend Framework to 1.11.0
6 Upgraded Smarty to 3.0 Final
7 Refactored XOOPS/Engine APIs
8 Refactored autoloader to allow classMap, namespace, prefix, module, plugin and adding third-party library on-fly
October 30th, 2010
1 Changed Smarty plugin files name to lowercase for Smarty 3
2 Added persistent data service, providing three storages: APC, memcached, file
October 26th, 2010
1 Changed cache path from caches/xoops_cache to caches/xoops
2 Added cache for bootstrap config
3 Disabled pluginCache which did not help
3 Changed hosts.ini, xoops.ini to use PHP native ini format to save time against Xoops::processKey
October 20th, 2010
1 Implementation of Xoops Plugin Engine
September 30th, 2010
1 Adopted Smarty3
August someday, 2010
The third internal preview package
1 Zend framework 1.10.7
2 Table and element builder
3 Form compound element
4 Autoloader refactor, removed loadClass
5 Config/Preference refactor, using Zend_Form
6 Theme installer, inheritance and deployment
7 Module clone and multi-installation
8 Comment plugin implementation
9 Pagination improvement with customizable parameter name
July 28th, 2010
The second internal preview package
1 User module completeness (80%)
2 Pagination implementation
3 Unified authentication with enforced hash policy
4 Zend form implementation
5 Path configuration for upload as a writable folder with web access
July 1st, 2010
The first internal preview package
Xoops Engine new architecture with modules of system, default, search (incomplete), MVC (demo) and user (started)
Taiwen Jiang
Xoops/Pi Engine Developer