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Lighttpd failing to start due to error.log permission #268

htpcBeginner opened this Issue Apr 27, 2018 · 2 comments


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htpcBeginner commented Apr 27, 2018


This is a...

  • Request for a new or modified feature
  • [X ] Issue trying to run the docker image
  • Issue trying to build / test / develop the docker image


Lighttpd is failing to start with the following error:

2018-04-27 13:52:47: (log.c.171) opening errorlog '/var/log/lighttpd/error.log' failed: Permission denied

Keeps trying to start with the same error. I have tried to manually restart lighttpd but it fails. I have also tried to modify permissions as discussed here.

I am on diginc/pihole:debian.

Here is my docker compose:

Expected Behavior

Web interface accessible.

Actual Behavior

Lighttpd failing to start. So no web access. from the docker logs pihole seems to be working. All lists are downloaded etc.

Possible Fix

Steps to Reproduce and debugging done

e.g. your docker run command, pages to visit, CLI commands you ran

Debug steps I have tried

  • I have tried destroying my container instance, pulling the newest image version, and re-creating a new container
  • I have tried running the nearly stock docker run example in the readme (removing any customizations I added)
  • I have tried running without my volume data mounts to eliminate volumes as the cause
  • I have searched this repository for existing issues and pull requests that look similar

Context and extra information

Unable to access web interface.

Your Environment

  • Docker Host Operating System and OS Version: Ubuntu Server 16.04
  • Docker Version: 17.12.1-ce
  • Hardware architecture: x86

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diginc commented May 14, 2018

I will try out your docker-compose.yaml file tonight but I have a question for you.

You checked off the box

I have tried running the nearly stock docker run example in the readme (removing any customizations I added)

Did it have the same problem as your docker-compose? That may indicate an environment problem since no one else is reporting stock docker run command lighttpd failures.


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nxadm commented May 14, 2018

I find it easier to deal with permissions while using user remapping. Everything runs as root within the container and uid 0 is mapped to a non-priviledged user on the host. I just chown everything to this user on the directories mapped as rw in the container:

/opt/docker/pihole# tree -u rw
├── [296608  ]  dnsmasq.d
│   ├── [296608  ]  01-pihole.conf
│   └── [296608  ]  03-pihole-wildcard.conf
└── [296608  ]  pihole
    ├── [296608  ]  adlists.list
    ├── [296608  ]  auditlog.list
    ├── [296608  ]  black.list
    ├── [296608  ]  blacklist.txt
    ├── [296608  ]  GitHubVersions
    ├── [296608  ]  gravity.list
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]
    ├── [296608  ]  list.preEventHorizon
    ├── [296608  ]  localbranches
    ├── [296608  ]  local.list
    ├── [296608  ]  localversions
    ├── [296608  ]  pihole-FTL.db
    ├── [296608  ]  setupVars.conf
    └── [296608  ]  whitelist.txt
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