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Clarify user action required to end the scripts.

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dschaper committed Oct 29, 2016
1 parent 908697a commit dcf6e6b14d35424923ec9b622d8ff8921fc6cafe
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@@ -351,7 +351,9 @@ header_write "Analyzing gravity.list"
# Continuously append the pihole.log file to the pihole_debug.log file
dumpPiHoleLog() {
trap '{ echo -e "\n::: Finishing debug write from interrupt... Quitting!" ; exit 1; }' INT
echo -e "::: Writing current Pi-hole traffic to debug log...\n:::\tTry loading any/all sites that you are having trouble with now... \n:::\t(Press ctrl+C to finish)"
echo "::: "
echo "::: --= User Action Required =--"
echo -e "::: Try loading a site that you are having trouble with now from a client web browser.. \n:::\t(Press CTRL+C to finish logging.)"
header_write "pihole.log"
if [ -e "${PIHOLELOG}" ]; then
while true; do

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