Add new dns hostnames

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Guide on adding new custom hostnames to point to wherever you'd like

Really should have been a clear guide on how to do this.

Based on:

To add a new hostname record run this command:

  • pihole -a hostrecord {Router's-WAN-IP} *e.g. pihole -a hostrecord
    • can only do this for one record
  • add additional urls vi /etc/hosts

To make sure .local machine works:

  • vi /etc/pihole/setupVars.conf

Add: server=/domain.lan/ where the end number is the ip of your router e.g.

Don't forget to restart after making any dns changes:

  • systemctl restart pihole-FTL.service
  • reboot this is a linux restart command that should not be needed


  • ping will only work if ip is a machine that accepts pings

A dns flush may be needed to check for the new ip.


  • vi shortcuts
    • type a to start typing
    • to exit type esc then :wq to write change or just :q leave without saving
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