Getting Started

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It's easy to install Pi-hole and begin blocking ads for your entire network in three easy steps.

1. Install An Operating System On Your Raspberry Pi

Download an operating system and follow the instructions to install it to your SD card.

2. Execute The Installation Command

Run this command from your Raspberry Pi:

curl -L | bash

Follow the dialogs to complete the installation.

3. Change Your DNS Server To Be Your Raspberry Pi

There are two ways to do this:

On Each Of Your Devices Individually

This is a simple way to quickly use your new Pi-hole. Changing the DNS server is is different for every operating system.

On Your Router

If you make the change on your router, any device connected to your network will instantly be able to block ads. You will need to search for the DHCP options somewhere in your router's settings. Make sure to add a second DNS server in case your Pi-hole goes down!

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