The "pihole" Command

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New common script for all pihole functions

In v2.6 and above, you may notice a few changes in the way scripts are run. Now everything will be wrapped into a single command (pihole) The scripts will work the same as before, however they must be prefaced with pihole and no longer need to be completed with .sh.

The new pihole script has an autocomplete function, just press tab after writing pihole to see the available options! (You will need to log out of your ssh session and log back in again for this to work)

Usage of this command can be seen by running pihole -h:

::: Usage: pihole [options]
:::		Add -h after -w (whitelist), -b (blacklist), or -c (chronometer)  for more information on usage
::: Options:
:::  -w, whitelist            Whitelist domains
:::  -b, blacklist            Blacklist domains
:::  -d, debug                Start a debugging session if having trouble
:::  -f, flush                Flush the pihole.log file
:::  -up, updatePihole        Update Pi-hole
:::  -g, updateGravity        Update the list of ad-serving domains
:::  -s, setupLCD             Automatically configures the Pi to use the 2.8 LCD screen to display stats on it
:::  -c, chronometer          Calculates stats and displays to an LCD
:::  -h, help                 Show this help dialog
:::  -v, version              Show current versions
:::  -q, query                Query the adlists for a specific domain
:::  uninstall                Uninstall Pi-Hole from your system :(!
:::  status                   Is Pi-Hole Enabled or Disabled
:::  enable                   Enable Pi-Hole DNS Blocking
:::  disable                  Disable Pi-Hole DNS Blocking
:::  restartdns               Restart dnsmasq
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