Whitelisting and Blacklisting tips

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Whitelisting Tips

List any tips you've discovered on how to whitelist a particular website.

Charter Spectrum TV App on Roku

For the streaming TV app, you need to whitelist Google Syndication this in order for it to work:

pihole -w tpc.googlesyndication.com

Target's Weekly Ads

My wife has to check Target's weekly ads each Sunday morning.

 pihole -w weeklyad.target.com
 pihole -w m.weeklyad.target.com
 pihole -w weeklyad.target.com.edgesuite.net


The Spotify app for iOS will stop functioning unless it's web service counterpart is whitelisted.

pihole -w spclient.wg.spotify.com


Jackbox.tv will not load unless you whitelist google-analytics

pihole -w www.google-analytics.com
pihole -w ssl.google-analytics.com

Xbox One/Windows 10 Store Downloads

pihole -w dl.delivery.mp.microsoft.com
pihole -w geo-prod.do.dsp.mp.microsoft.com


Following links in tweets stops working as it redirects through this domain.

pihole -w analytics.twitter.com

Blacklisting Tips

Washington Post Article count tracker

After a couple of days these blacklist entries prevent the monthly limit count of article views on washingtonpost.com's website.

pihole -b smetrics.washingtonpost.com
pihole -b videotracker.washingtonpost.com
pihole -b subscribe.washingtonpost.com
pihole -b js.washingtonpost.com
pihole -b pwapi.washingtonpost.com
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