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welcome to neuropil

1) required installations

libsodium - crypto library

criterion - test suite framework
sphinx - python documentation building
scons - python build tool
clang - our preferred C compiler
ncurses - for the displays in the example programs

2) building the library and example programs

clone the repository from with mercurial.

cd into the folder and build the code with scons.

build in debug mode:

	scons debug=1

build in release mode:

	scons release=1

build the documentation (sphinx installation required):

	scons doc=1

build the tests (criterion installation required):

    scons test=1

clean the project:

	scons -c

there is also a Makefile available, but some path infos are hard coded, sorry.
the Makefile is mainly used to run the llvm scan-build tooling for a static code analysis

no autoconf or cmake available until now, to be done

3) directory structure

input directories:
 - src - c source code
 - examples - c source code for the example programs
 - test - c test source code
 - include - c header files
 - lib - used as a third party library directory
 - doc - sphinx documentation source files

output directories:
 - build - library, object files and documentation
 - bin - example executables and test suite

4) running the programs

you can run the executables just as any executable, please have a look at the parameters
of each program:

example 1: run the controller on port 1111

	./bin/neuropil_controller -b 1111

example 2: run a node on port 2222 and send a join message to another node:

	./bin/neuropil_node -b 2222 -j b3b680a867849efe5886a5db751392e9d3079779e3f3c240ed849c11f4ba7d4a:udp6:test.local:3141

example 3: run a node on port 2222 and send a wildcard join message to another node:

	./bin/neuropil_node -b 2222 -j *:udp6:test.local:3141

to run the test suites please us the parameter "-j1" to limit parallel execution.
usually we use the following command:

	./bin/neuropil_test_suite --tap -j1
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