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⚡️🔧🔗 :shipit: Instantly build a dApp with a simple URL to bookmark or share with a friend.
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One Click dApp

Instantly build a dApp with a simple URL to bookmark or share with a friend.⚡️🔧🔗 :shipit:

dapp example

Shareable dApps are a click away at


You created a smart what?

There is no easy way to share a smart contract interface!

The goal of this project is to make it easier to interact with smart contracts. OneClickDapp instantly builds you a dApp with a simple URL to bookmark or share with a friend. Anyone with the dApp URL can interact with your shiny new smart contract, and access all functions at the correct address/network. Don't write a single line of front-end code. Forget about verifying your contract on Etherscan or MEW. Your dApp is just one click away!


Features Completed

Custom dApp URL e.g.

Recent public history of dApps

Auto-save your dApps using wallet address

Clone an existing dApp (sources available: MEW ethereum-lists)

In-page wallet for new ethereum users

Twitter share Button

Medieval stone-sculpting theme

chisel process


  • Ganache forking to emulate any mainnet dApp
  • IPFS for saving dApps
  • Custom ENS domains e.g., "myDapp.oneclickdapp.ETH"
  • Full decentralization for permanence and security
  • "Copy the code" button to build your own React app
  • Display Events and Transactions using Dapparatus

Run the app locally

  1. Run npm install in both root directory, and in /client
  2. Create config.js in ./db/ and enter your mongoDB URL

    process.env.MONGODB_URI = "mongodb://..."

  3. cd to root directory and run npm start

Contributions welcome!

This tool is primarily maintained by a single person. It is self-funded and free to use.

Please consider helping by submitting an issue or PR.

Check out my other free blockchain resources


Patrick, Joseph

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