A tiny, secure JavaScript micro-templating script.
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A tiny, secure JavaScript minitemplating function.

It lets you write simple templates that uses JavaScript's familiar dot notation. You pass in a JavaScript object that contains all the relevant strings, and they are then substituted into the template. For example:

minitemplate("Hello {{place}}", {place: "world"});
// "Hello world"
  • Forked from: github.com/premasagar/tim (MIT license)
  • Apps using it this function are easily upgradable to use the full version of tim,Mustache, underscore and other template engines if more functionality is needed

Why is minitemplating useful?

Don't you just hate having to write HTML with a mess of string concatenation that clutters up your JavaScript?:

var myHTML = "<ul class='" + myClass + "'>" +
    "<li id='" + theId + "'>" + liContents + "</li>" +
    // etc, etc, etc

Yuck. There's no need to do this. Simply prepare a JavaScript object with the required properties, and inject it into a simple template string. The templates can all be tidily kept together with the rest of the markup in an HTML document.

How is this different from other templating scripts?

It is safe and secure: it doesn't use eval or (new Function), so it cannot execute malicious code. As such, it can be used in secure widgets and apps that disallow eval - e.g. Adobe Air sandboxes, AdSafe ads, etc.

It doesn't include a whole bloat load of features that are unlikely to get used when you just want to get some simple templating up and running.