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A script and templates to generate Latex homework
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Latex Homework Generator

These scripts generate a latek homework project. This all assumes you are using Linux. You could probably get this all to work for Windows using a bash shell or Mac.

./new_hw <hw name>

To make using this script easy, place the script and the hwtemp directory in your shell path. The script assumes you place it in ~/bin.

The script will look for a config file class.cfg in the directory you call the script to descibe information about the class for each assignment.

# class.cfg
NAME="Cookie Monster"
COURSE_NAME="Super Duper Math Class"
SEMESTER="Spring 2018"
INSTRUCTOR="Dr. Albert Einstein"


#copy script and template directory to your path
cp -r hwtemp ~/bin

#create homework directory with and place a .cfg file in it
mkdir math1010
cp class.cfg math1010
cd math1010
new_hw 1 hw1
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