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Improved version of 11ty markdown prefilter to render LilyPond in markdown
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LilyPond in Markdown Version 2

The reason for version 2 is to cleanup tracking git dependencies. In order for netlify to build the project I commited the cached audio and svg files. This was cluttering up the git repo and unnecessary. The plan going forward is to not use netlify but something else like a direct deploy of the build to AWS or

Initial Motivation

My previous way of blogging about music was too tedious. This is a proof of concept to show that LilyPond markup can be rendered to inline SVG for the web.

I wrote a blog post about what I did in version 1 here.

External Dependencies

  • LilyPond
  • Timidity
  • ffmpeg

TODO: Make a docker container with all dependencies to build the site.

In order to build the project the LilyPond extension assumes that lilypond is available in your path. So you must first install LilyPond.

In order to produce audio from the generated midi from LilyPond you will need timidity. ffmpeg is used to generate various audio formats for browser support from the timidity output (flac).

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