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class chessboard:
cps = ((-2,-1),(-2,1),(-1,2),(1,2),(2,1),(2,-1),(1,-2),(-1,-2))
def __init__(self,n,m,i,j):
self.size = (n, m)
self.pos = self.start = (i,j)
self.board = [[0]*m for i in range(n)]
self.move_board = [[0]*m for i in range(n)]
self.moves = [(i, j)]
def on_board(self, i, j):
return (i>=0) and (j>=0) and (i<(self.size[0])) and (j<(self.size[1]))
def zero(self, pos):
for i, j in ((pos[0]+i, pos[1]+j) for i, j in self.cps):
if self.on_board(i,j) and (self.board[i][j] != 0):
self.board[i][j] -= 1
self.board[pos[0]][pos[1]] = 0
def set_weights(self):
rangen, rangem = range(self.size[0]), range(self.size[1])
for i, j in ((i,j) for i in rangen for j in rangem):
for ci, cj in ((i+c[0], j+c[1]) for c in self.cps):
if self.on_board(ci, cj): self.board[i][j] += 1
def get_lowest(self, pos):
neighbors = [(pos[0]+i, pos[1]+j) for i, j in self.cps]
lowv = min(((self.board[i][j], i, j) for i, j in neighbors
if self.on_board(i, j)), key=lambda x: x[0] or 9)
if lowv[0] in (0, 9): return None
return lowv[1:]
def solve(self):
i = 1
while True:
low = self.get_lowest(self.pos)
if not low: break
self.pos = pos = low
self.move_board[low[0]][low[1]] = i
i += 1
if i == (self.size[0] * self.size[1]):
if self.start in ((pos[0]+i, pos[1]+j) for i, j in self.cps):
self.tour_type = "closed"
self.tour_type = "open"
else: self.tour_type = "incomplete"
def __str__(self):
out = ''
for i in range(self.size[0]):
for j in range(self.size[1]):
out += "%02d " % self.move_board[i][j]
out += "\n"
return out
def main(n):
b = chessboard(n,n, 0, 0)
print b, # solution!
print "Found a Knight's tour that is", b.tour_type
if __name__=="__main__":
import sys
if len(sys.argv) < 2: main(8, 8)
else: main(int(sys.argv[1]))