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Installation script for Debian Squeeze Box


there is plenty of passenger-stack's out there but none of them work


pre :install

log in to your VPS slice using root account and execute passwd to change root password. Add sudo and create new user:

# apt-get install sudo
# adduser user_name

update /etc/sudoers.tmp using visudo adding the following line

user_name   ALL=(ALL) ALL

or alternatively add yourself to sudo group:

# usermod -a -G sudo user_name

now you are ready to go with installation


execute in some directory $DIR: git clone git:// edit $DIR/config/deploy-example.rb setting the following:

role :web_stack, "ip_address_or_url_of_your_box"
set :user, "sudo_user_on_your_box"
set :password, "password_for_sudo_user"

and save it as: $DIR/config/deploy.rb

post :install

if the process has finished without errors be happy :-) you have just installed: emacs, git, ruby enterprise edition, nginx, passenger and mysql. Now you should customize your box by hand


Thanks to Josh Goebel (yyyc514)