Least authority capabilities based set of user space filesystems for use in conjunction with AppArmor
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This repository is no longer active. MinorFS2 is being split up into severall new github projects


  • RumpelstiltskinFS : Formaly known as MinorFS::capfs, the core sparse-cap filesystem
  • MillersdoughterFS : formaly known as MinorFS::tmpfs, the per-process $TMP tilesystem
  • StrawFS : formaly known as MinorFS2::granfs, multi granular per process private links to RumpelstiltskinFS
  • SpinningwheelFS : formaly known as MinorFs2::homefs, retrofitting file-system for allowing non-minorfs aware apps to use private storage.


  • Rumpeltree++ [complete]: C++ Library for managing DACs with sparse capabilities.
  • AESsparse++ : C++ Library for sparse friendly AES encrypted files.
  • LibMinorFS2 : C/C++ Library for facilitating MinorFS2 aware applications to use attentuation, decomposition and delegation.
  • Sesame++ [active] : C++ library for virtually keeping large amounts of files opened. For use in FUSE based loop-back type user space file-systems.


  • Pseudodomde : Daemon for looking up different attributes relevant to pseudo persistent process designations.
  • Rumpeltools : A set of leveraged authority user-level tools for MinorFs2.

Please check the github pages if you want to keep up with MinorFS2 development. I will be slowly moving all code in this repository to the individual github projects.