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This library is a wrapper for the json-glib library that aims to provide the user with a trivial alternative API to the API provided by the base json-glib library.
This is the first version of the json-me (JSON made easy) project.
It has the following issues that I might fix in a later release. Given that I don't have much time to
work on project like this and given that my priorities lie with different projects, you may consider
it as a wishlist that if you like this library would make me very happy if you could contribute it:
After the 1.0 we may look at the following:
* See if we can get stuff compiling with the -Wold-style-cast flag set.
* I didn't find a list of the Gtype's that json-glib can produce, there are probably some pieces of
dead code in gobj/GobjectImplScalar.cpp and there might be one missing.
* I didn't create non of the operator<< stuff for making usage ostream usage easy. Tried to for half
an hour and kept getting useless messages from my compiler. Should make the library even more
friendly if we could fix this.
* Currently only parsing is supported. We should expand the API to support 'creating' json strings and files.
Seeing the above list, if you feel like fixing any of these issues, please feel free to do so and send me your patches if you do.
To build jsonme, take the following steps:
cd build
cmake ..
make test
The last step should depend on the platform you are on. If you don't hapen to be on a amd64 ubuntu linux platform, the following step
should be appropriate:
sudo make install
For amd64 ubuntu linux you may alternatively run:
cd ..
dpkg -i jsonme++_0.9.0-1_amd64.deb
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