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Removed item about constness from todo list.

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@@ -7,8 +7,6 @@ it as a wishlist that if you like this library would make me very happy if you c
* Probably need to add a 'keys' method to AbstractNode so the user can find out what members a JSON
object has. A 'has_key(std::string keyy)' might be usefull to possibly.
-* There is probably a lot of stuff that I should have defined as const, didn't spent time
- to check for that yet.
* I didn't find a list of the Gtype's that json-glib can produce, there are probably some pieces of
dead code in gobj/GobjectImplScalar.cpp and there might be one missing.
* I didn't write any unit tests. All I wrote was a litle tiny program for a basic API test.

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