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A trivial but powerful C++ logging template-library.

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The KISSlog library is a simple C++(11) template library for logging in C++.

For more information check this page, or have a look at the two pieces of demo code streamdemo.cpp and syslogdemo.cpp.

Currently this library status is as follows:

  • POSIX + C++98 : OK, tested, uses pthread mutexes and supports syslog.
  • POSIX + C++11 : OK, tested, uses std::mutex and supports syslog.
  • MS-Windows + C++98: OK, tested. Uses critical section and does not supports syslog.
  • MS-Windows + C++11: Should work in theory. Untested. Uses std::mutex and does not supports syslog.

Any help on getting stuff tested for the windows platform would be greatly appreciated.

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