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A Twitter Tweet Scheduler in Ruby Powered by Sinatra
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Twuby - A Twitter Tweet Scheduler in Ruby Powered by Sinatra

Unwilling to pay for an account at BufferApp to queue more than 10 tweets, I decided to write my own Twitter Scheduler. It's ready for deployment to Heroku, please see comments in main.rb.

What It Does

  • Allows you to enter a username and password of your choosing, stored in main.rb so people cannot randomly delete or add items to your tweet queue
  • Allows you to enter tweet text, up to 140 characters, which is then stored in a database
  • Allows you to delete queued tweets
  • Tweets the contents of the first item in the database, then deletes it from the database
  • Using Heroku Scheduler, you can call the Rakefile task to send your tweets at whatever interval you choose
  • Works anywhere you can access a website (Tested in Chrome, Firefox, Safari, iPad - iOS7, iPhone - iOS7)

What It Doesn't Do (feel free to fork and improve!)

  • Allow you to login with your Twitter account
  • Allow you to edit a tweet you've already queued
  • Tweet to multiple accounts
  • Store your username and password in a database


  • Heroku account
  • Twitter account
  • Register a Twitter app with the account that you want to tweet with at so you can obtain your API credentials. Make sure you give your app read/write access. You do not need a callback URL.
  • Heroku add-ons:


When scheduling, use the Heroku Scheduler to run a rake task: rake sendtweet at whatever intervals you desire.


Screenshot of Twuby by @pibby

Get In Touch

Twitter: @pibby

Thank You

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