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JSTS Topology Suite

DISCLAIMER: The current status of this project is unfinished non-production quality. You are hereby invited to help change that. :)

The JSTS Topology Suite is a JavaScript library of spatial predicates and functions for processing geometry conforming to the Simple Features Specification for SQL published by the Open Geospatial Consortium. JSTS Topology Suite is also a JavaScript port of the well established Java library JTS Topology Suite with OpenLayers compatibility. The core geometry classes are inherited from OpenLayers.Geometry and extended with API as close as possible to the corresponding JTS Topology Suite geometry classes.

Currently JSTS Topology Suite implements APIs for the the core geom.* classes and the validation suite is sort of half-way ported. QuadTree index have been ported. A fait bit of ground work has been done to port core geometry predicate/functions.

The goal of the project is to provide OpenLayers applications with a complete library for processing and analysing simple geometries.

A Google group is available for developer discussions.

Code is conformant to the Google JavaScript Style Guide and JSLint.

Unit tests are made using the Jasmine testing framework.

A recent trunk snapshot of API docs is available.

A port of JTS Validation Suite provides additional tests.

The code is licensed using the LGPL 2.1 license.

Development environment

Design changes

These are effective/potential changes from the original JTS Topology Suite:

  • Skip abstracted CoordinateSequence interface/implementation