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node-mapserver is an MIT-licensed node.js extension to the mapserver open source web mapping engine. It allows you to access all the mapserver goodness for rendering map images in a node.js environment, allowing you to build high-performance, low-latency map servers.

Getting node-mapserver

Get the source from git and build it on your system against an existing mapserver installation. You will need to have already installed mapserver plus the development headers using your system's package management tools or built mapserver from source.

See the (MapServer)[] website for more details.

Step 1 - Use The Source, Luke

git clone git://
cd node-mapserver

Step 2 - Make It So, #1

on linux, you will need to have installed mapserver package (and possibly the -devel package too) using your package management system, or have built it yourself. If you've installed in, find out where it is installed (perhaps /usr/local/) and use those paths. If you've built it yourself, you can probably figure out how you need to change this to work for you.

CXX="g++ -I/<path-to-install-dir>/include -L/<path-to-install-dir>/lib -lmapserver" node-waf configure build

NOTE If your GD library is not 'installed' in a findable location you can add it using -I/

NOTE If you are building against a mapserver build directory, use -I/

on osx with kyngchaos frameworks you will still need a copy of the mapserver source from a tarball or svn appropriate to the version you have installed because the framework doesn't (as of the last time I checked) include headers:

CXX="g++ -I/<path-to-mapserver-source>" -framework MapServer" node-waf configure build

NOTE you will probably get build warnings about the framework being ignored in the compile step, this is normal since the framework only gets used in the linking step.

Building on another system? Find a problem building on your system? Submit an issue and let me know what the problem is or how you solved it so we can make this more awesome for everyone.

Step 3 - Test, Test, Test

node tests/tests.js

Using node-mapserver

See the examples provided in the examples directory, check out the tests and read up on specific methods in the documentation


Extensive API documentation is available in the wiki