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JLoad provides the ability to load an agent dynamically into a running VM.

How it works

Whenever a JVM receives a SIGQUIT signal, if a .attach_pid file is present, the JVM will open a server socket connection using Unix Domain Sockets. Through this socket a client can dynamically load a JAR into the JVM that will run there.

A typical use of this may be loading a monitoring agent into a JVM that will expose JMX MBeans in a certain format (e.g. Prometheus JMX Exporter Agent).

Building and Testing

To build the binary on the current platform:

$ go build

To run the tests:

$ go test


To build a docker image:

$ docker build -t <image_name> .

To run from the existing Docker image:

$ docker run --rm picadoh/jload <pid> <agent>


If you have go available in your system, you may just:

go get
go install


jload <pid> <agent>


$ jload 1234 /path/to/my/myagent.jar

Example with pgrep:

$ pgrep -f .*myapp.* | xargs -I % ./jload % /path/to/my/myagent.jar

How to Contribute

Please take a look at CONTRIBUTING for instructions.