WordPress plugin which allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [catlist] shortcode.
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List Category Posts

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List Category Posts is a WordPress plugin that allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [catlist] shortcode. This shortcode accepts a category name or id, the order in which you want the posts to display, and the number of posts to display. You can use [catlist] as many times as needed with different arguments.

Usage: [catlist argument1=value1 argument2=value2]

Please visit the plugin's page on WordPress.org to find out more.

Want to help with the development?

The evolution of this plugin wouldn't be possible without the help of these awesome contributors. Special thanks to Sophist, bibz, vacuus, zymeth25 for their contributions and hard work and every other person who's contributed to this plugin👍

Currently the plugin is mostly being developed through code contributions by its users. Sometimes Pull Request take a while for me to review, but I'll eventually get to all of them. If you open a PR, feel free to add your wordpress.org user so if it gets merged I can add you to the list of contributors in the plugin's readme file.

If you know PHP and would like to start contributing to the plugin, let me know! I can help you get started. Contact me here.


A Vagrantfile is provided to set up a box for WordPress development. You need Vagrant installed on your computer.

Fork the repo, clone it locally and do vagrant up. You'll have a WordPress instance running on

WordPress is installed with this information:

  • Database Name: wordpress
  • User Name: wordpressuser
  • Password: wordpresspass

You can access the admin dashboard with the following credentials:

  • Admin user: adminuser
  • Admin password: adminpass

Activate the plugin on http://localhost:8080/wp-admin/plugins.php

The plugin code is linked directly on the box, so any change you make on the code is reflected automatically on the Vagrant box's WordPress.


PHPUnit has been setup by bibz, you can run phpunit on the Virtual Machine:

vagrant@vagrant-ubuntu-precise-32:/vagrant$ phpunit
Running as single site... To run multisite, use -c tests/phpunit/multisite.xml
Not running ajax tests. To execute these, use --group ajax.
Not running ms-files tests. To execute these, use --group ms-files.
Not running external-http tests. To execute these, use --group external-http.
PHPUnit 4.7.3 by Sebastian Bergmann and contributors.


Time: 3.11 seconds, Memory: 46.25Mb

OK (1 test, 12 assertions)

The code needs lots of refactoring and probably some more documentation to be able to write some more relevant tests. This is a task where you can really help the development of the plugin if you're interested in contributing.


[catlist argument1=value1 argument2=value2]

Support the plugin

If you've found the plugin useful, consider making a donation via PayPal or visit my Amazon Wishlist for books or comic books :)



List Category Posts

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This program is free software: you can redistribute it and/or modify
it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
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(at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful,
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