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# Copyright (C) 2012
# This file is distributed under the same license as the package.
msgid ""
msgstr ""
"Project-Id-Version: list-category-posts\n"
"POT-Creation-Date: 2014-09-03 22:58-0300\n"
"PO-Revision-Date: 2014-09-03 23:58-0300\n"
"Last-Translator: Fernando Briano <>\n"
"Language-Team: <>\n"
"Language: es_ES\n"
"MIME-Version: 1.0\n"
"Content-Type: text/plain; charset=UTF-8\n"
"Content-Transfer-Encoding: 8bit\n"
"X-Generator: Poedit 1.5.4\n"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:51 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:51
msgid "Title"
msgstr "Título"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:61 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:61
msgid "Category"
msgstr "Categoría"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:90 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:90
msgid "Number of posts"
msgstr "Cantidad de posts"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:100 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:100
msgid "Offset"
msgstr "Offset"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:109 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:109
msgid "Order by"
msgstr "Ordenar por"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:113 ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:184
#: .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:113 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:184
msgid "Date"
msgstr "Fecha"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:114 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:114
msgid "Post title"
msgstr "Título del post"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:115 ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:196
#: .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:115 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:196
msgid "Author"
msgstr "Autor"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:116 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:116
msgid "Random"
msgstr "Al azar"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:133 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:133
msgid "Order"
msgstr "Orden"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:139 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:139
msgid "Descending"
msgstr "Descendiente"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:142 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:142
msgid "Ascending"
msgstr "Ascendiente"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:149 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:149
msgid "Exclude categories (id's)"
msgstr "Excluir categorías (id's)"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:159 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:159
msgid "Exclude posts (id's)"
msgstr "Excluir posts (id's)"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:168 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:168
msgid "Show"
msgstr "Mostrar"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:170 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:170
msgid "Thumbnail - size"
msgstr "Vista previa - tamaño"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:190 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:190
msgid "Modified Date"
msgstr "Fecha de modificación"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:202 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:202
msgid ""
"Link to category (use 'catlink' on the title field if you want the title of "
"this widget to be a link to the category)"
msgstr ""
"Enlace a categoría (usar 'catlink' en el campo de título si quieres que el "
"título de este widget sea un enlace a la categoría)"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:208 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:208
msgid "Excerpt"
msgstr "Extracto"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:212 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:212
msgid "Excerpt size"
msgstr "Tamaño del extracto\t"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:221 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:221
msgid "More link"
msgstr "Enlace a más"
#: ../include/lcp-widget-form.php:231 .././include/lcp-widget-form.php:231
msgid "Template"
msgstr "Plantilla"
#: ../include/lcp-widget.php:11 .././include/lcp-widget.php:11
msgid "List posts from a specified category"
msgstr "Listar posts de una categoría especificada"
#: ../include/lcp-widget.php:12 .././include/lcp-widget.php:12
msgid "List Category Posts"
msgstr "List Category Posts"
#: ../include/lcp-catlist.php:274 .././include/lcp-catlist.php:274
msgid "Empty Term"
msgstr "Término vacío"
#: ../include/lcp-catlist.php:494 .././include/lcp-catlist.php:494
msgid "Continue reading &rarr;"
msgstr "Seguir leyendo &rarr;"
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:19 .././include/lcp-options.php:19
msgid "You do not have sufficient permissions to access this page."
msgstr "No tienes suficientes permisos para acceder a esta página."
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:36 .././include/lcp-options.php:36
msgid "Number of Posts"
msgstr "Cantidad de posts"
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:44 .././include/lcp-options.php:44
msgid ""
"Default number of posts (overriden using <code>numberposts</code> parameter "
"on each shortcode)."
msgstr ""
"Cantidad de posts por defecto (se pasa por arriba usando el parámetro "
"<code>numberposts</code> en cada llamada al shortcode)."
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:46 .././include/lcp-options.php:46
msgid "0 - displays the max number of posts per page"
msgstr "0 - muestra la cantidad máxima de posts por página"
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:47 .././include/lcp-options.php:47
msgid "-1 - displays ALL THE POSTS (no limit)"
msgstr "-1 - muestra TODOS LOS POSTS (sin límite)"
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:57 .././include/lcp-options.php:57
msgid "Thanks for using List Category Posts."
msgstr "Gracias por usar List Category Posts."
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:58 .././include/lcp-options.php:58
msgid ""
"If you need help with the plugin, please visit\n"
" the <a href='"
" support forum</a>. Make sure\n"
" you <a href='"
" the instructions</a> to be aware of all the things you can do\n"
" with List Category Posts and <a href='"
"List-Category-Posts/blob/master/doc/'>check "
"out the FAQ</a>."
msgstr ""
"Si necesitas ayuda con el plugin, por favor visita\n"
" el <a href='"
"posts'>foro de soporte\n"
" de WordPress</a>. Asegúrate\n"
" de <a href='"
" las instrucciones</a> para estar al tanto de todo lo que puedes hacer\n"
" con List Category Posts y <a href='"
"questions'>revisa el FAQ</a>."
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:69 .././include/lcp-options.php:69
msgid ""
"Please post <strong>new feature requests, Bug fixes,\n"
" enhancements</strong>\n"
" to <a href='"
" Issues</a> and check out the\n"
" the <a href='"
" repo</a> if you want to contribute code."
msgstr ""
"Por favor publica <strong>pedidos de nuevas características, errores,\n"
"en <a href='"
"Issues</a> y revisa el <a href='"
"Category-Posts'>repo en GitHub\n"
"</a> si quieres contribuir código"
#: ../include/lcp-options.php:77 .././include/lcp-options.php:77
msgid ""
"If you've found the plugin useful, consider making\n"
" a <a href='"
" title='Donate via PayPal' rel='nofollow'>donation via PayPal</a>\n"
" or visit my Amazon Wishlist\n"
" for <a href='"
" title='Amazon Wishlist' rel='nofollow'>books</a>\n"
" or <a href='"
" rel='nofollow'>comic books</a> :)."
msgstr ""
"Si has encontrado útil el plugin, considera hacer una\n"
" a <a href='"
" title='Donate via PayPal' rel='nofollow'>donación via PayPal</a>\n"
" o visita mi Wishlist de Amazon\n"
" para <a href='"
" title='Amazon Wishlist' rel='nofollow'>libros</a>\n"
" o <a href='"
" rel='nofollow'>comics</a> :)."
#: .././list_cat_posts.php:143 ../list_cat_posts.php:143
msgid "How to use"
msgstr "Cómo usarlo"
#: .././list_cat_posts.php:144 ../list_cat_posts.php:144
msgid "Donate"
msgstr "Donar"
#: .././list_cat_posts.php:145 ../list_cat_posts.php:145
msgid "Fork on Github"
msgstr "Forkear en Github"
#~ msgid ""
#~ "List Category Posts allows you to list posts from a category into a post/"
#~ "page using the [catlist] shortcode. This shortcode accepts a category "
#~ "name or id, the order in which you want the posts to display, and the "
#~ "number of posts to display. You can use [catlist] as many times as needed "
#~ "with different arguments. Usage: [catlist argument1=value1 "
#~ "argument2=value2]."
#~ msgstr ""
#~ "List Category Posts te permite listar posts de una categoría en una "
#~ "página o post usando el shortcode [catlist]. Este shortcode acepta el "
#~ "nombre o id de una categoría, el orden en el que quieres que aparezcan "
#~ "los post, y la cantidad de posts a mostrar. Puedes usar [catlist] cuantas "
#~ "veces sea necesario con argumentos diferente. Modo de uso: [catlist "
#~ "argumento1=valor argumento2=valor]."
#~ msgid "Link to category"
#~ msgstr "Enlace a la categoría"
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