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WordPress plugin which allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [catlist] shortcode.
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=== List category posts === Contributors: fernandobt Donate Link: Tags: list, categories, posts, cms Requires at least: 2.8 Tested up to: 3.3.1 Stable tag: 0.23

== Description == List Category Posts allows you to list posts from a category into a post/page using the [catlist] shortcode.

The shortcode accepts a category name or id, the order in which you want the posts to display, and the number of posts to display. You can also display the post author, date, excerpt, custom field values, even the content! The [catlist] shortcode can be used as many times as needed with different arguments on each post/page.

New feature: The different elements to display con now be styled with CSS. you can define an HTML tag to wrap the element with, and a CSS class for this tag. Check Other Notes for usage.

Great to use WordPress as a CMS, and create pages with several categories posts.

It includes a widget which works pretty much the same as the plugin. Just add as many widgets as you want, and select all the available options from the Appearence > Widgets page.

Since version 0.18, this plugins does not work on servers with PHP 4. If you're still using PHP 4 on your webhost, you should consider upgrading to PHP 5. WordPress 3.1 will be the last version to support PHP 4, from 3.2 and forward, only PHP 5 will be supported. You can still download an older version of the plugin if you're using PHP 4.

Please, read the information on Other Notes and Changelog to be aware of new functionality, and improvements to the plugin.


[catlist argument1=value1 argument2=value2]

Support the plugin

If you've found the plugin useful, consider making a donation via PayPal or visit my Amazon Wishlist.

New Code is always welcome :D Fork the plugin on GitHub.


  • Upload listcat directory into you wp-content/plugins/ directory.
  • Login to your WordPress Admin menu, go to Plugins, and activate it.
  • You can find the List Category Posts widget in the Appearence > Widgets section on your WordPress Dashboard.
  • If you want to customize the way the plugin displays the information, check the section on Templates on this documentation.

==Other notes==

Selecting the category

The plugin can figure out the category from which you want to list posts in three different ways: Using the category id, the category name or slug and detecting the current post's category. When using List Category Posts inside a post, if you don't pass the category id, name or slug, it will post the latest posts from every category. You can use the categorypage parameter to make it detect the category id of the current posts, and list posts from that category. The parameters for choosing the category id are:

  • name - To display posts from a category using the category's name or slug. Ex: [catlist name=mycategory]

  • id - To display posts from a category using the category's id. Ex: [catlist id=24]. You can include several categories: Ex: [catlist id=17,24,32] or exclude a category with the minus (-)

  • categorypage - Set it to "yes" if you want to list the posts from the current post's category.

Other parameters

  • tags - Tag support, you can display posts from a certain tag.

  • orderby - To customize the order. Valid values are:

    • author - Sort by the numeric author IDs.
    • category - Sort by the numeric category IDs.
    • content - Sort by content.
    • date - Sort by creation date.
    • ID - Sort by numeric post ID.
    • menu_order - Sort by the menu order. Only useful with pages.
    • mime_type - Sort by MIME type. Only useful with attachments.
    • modified - Sort by last modified date.
    • name - Sort by stub.
    • parent - Sort by parent ID.
    • password - Sort by password.
    • rand - Randomly sort results.
    • status - Sort by status.
    • title - Sort by title.
    • type - Sort by type. Ex: [catlist name=mycategory orderby=date]
  • order - How to sort orderby. Valid values are:

    • ASC - Ascending (lowest to highest).
    • DESC - Descending (highest to lowest). Ex: [catlist name=mycategory orderby=title order=asc]
  • numberposts - Number of posts to return. Set to 0 to use the max number of posts per page. Set to -1 to remove the limit. Default: 5. Ex: [catlist name=mycategory numberposts=10]

  • date - Display post's date next to the title. Default is 'no', use date=yes to activate it.

  • author - Display the post's author next to the title. Default is 'no', use author=yes to activate it.

  • dateformat - Format of the date output. Default is get_option('date_format'). Check for possible formats.

  • excerpt - Display the post's excerpt. Default is 'no', use excerpt=yes to activate it.

  • excerpt_size - Set the number of characters to display from the excerpt. Default is 255. Eg: excerpt_size = 300

  • excludeposts - IDs of posts to exclude from the list. Ex: [catlist excludeposts=12,52,37]

  • offset - You can displace or pass over one or more initial posts which would normally be collected by your query through the use of the offset parameter.

  • content - Show the full content of the post. Default is 'no'. Ex: [catlist content=yes]

  • catlink - Show the title of the category with a link to the category. Use the template system to customize its display using the variable $cat_link_string. Default is 'no'. Ex: [catlist catlink=yes]. The way it's programmed, it should only display the title for the first category you chose, and include the posts from all of the categories. I thought of this parameter mostly for using several shortcodes on one page or post, so that each group of posts would have the title of that group's category. If you need to display several titles with posts, you should use one [catlist] shortcode for each category you want to display.

  • comments - Show comments count for each post. Default is 'no'. Ex: [catlist comments=yes].

  • thumbnail - Show post thumbnail ( Default is 'no'. Ex: [catlist thumbnail=yes].

  • thumbnail_size - Either a string keyword (thumbnail, medium, large or full) or 2 values representing width and height in pixels. Ex: [catlist thumbnail_size=32,32] or [catlist thumbnail_size=thumbnail]

  • thumbnail_class - Set a CSS class to the thumbnail and style it.

  • post_type - The type of post to show. Available options are: post - Default, page, attachment, any - all post types.

  • post_parent - Show only the children of the post with this ID. Default: None.

  • class - CSS class for the default UL generated by the plugin.

  • custom fields - To use custom fields, you must specify two values: customfield_name and customfield_value. Using this only show posts that contain a custom field with this name and value. Both parameters must be defined, or neither will work.

  • customfield_display - Display custom field(s). You can specify many fields to show, separating them with a coma.

  • template - File name of template from templates directory without extension. Example: For 'template.php' value is only 'template'. Default is 'default', which displays an unordered list (ul html tag) with a CSS class. This class can be passed as a parameter or by default it's: 'lcp_catlist'. You can also use the default 'div' value. This will output a div with the 'lcp_catlist' CSS class (or one you pass as parameter with the class argument). The inner items (posts) will be displayed between p tags.

  • morelink - Include a "more" link to access the category archive for the category. The link is inserted after listing the posts. It receives a string of characters as a parameter which will be used as the text of the link. Example: [catlist id=38 morelink="Read more"]

== HTML & CSS Customization ==

You can customize what HTML tags different elements will be sorrounded with and a CSS class for this element. The customizable elements are: author, catlink (category link), comments, date, excerpt, morelink ("Read More" link), thumbnail and title (post title).

The parameters are: autor_tag, author_class, catlink_tag, catlink_class, comments_tag, comments_class, date_tag, date_class, excerpt_tag, excerpt_class, morelink_class, thumbnail_class, title_tag, title_class

So for example, let's say you want to wrap the displayed comments count with the p tag and a "lcp_comments" class, you would do: [catlist id=7 comments=yes comments_tag=p comments_class=lcp_comments] This would produce the following code: <p class="lcp_comments"> (3)</p>

Or you just want to style the displayed date, you could wrap it with a span tag: [catlist name=blog date=yes date_tag=span date_class=lcp_date] This would produce the following code: <span class="lcp_date">March 21, 2011</span>

== Template System ==

Templates for the List Category Plugin are searched for in your WordPress theme's folder. You should create a folder named list-category-posts under 'wp-content/themes/your-theme-folder'. Template files are .php files.

You can use the included template as an example to start. It's in the plugin's template folder under the name default.php. To use a template, use this code: [catlist id=1 template=templatename] If the template file were templatename.php.

You can have as many different templates as you want, and use them in different pages and posts. The template code is pretty well documented, so if you're a bit familiar with HTML and PHP, you'll have no problems creating your own template. I'm planning on reworking the template system in order to have a really user friendly way to create templates.

== Frequently Asked Questions ==

Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Parse error: syntax error, unexpected T_STRING, expecting T_OLD_FUNCTION or T_FUNCTION or T_VAR or '}' in /.../wp-content/plugins/list-category-posts/include/CatListDisplayer.php on line 10 Please check:

== Upgrade Notice ==

= 0.18 = Template system was upgraded with new options. Backwards compatible, but you can better customize the way the post contents are displayed. Check templates/default.php.

= 0.17 = Upgrade your templates: Templates system was rewritten, so your current templates will probably not work. Check out the new default.php file on /templates to see the simpler new way to work with templates.

= 0.13.2 = Thumbnail parameter 'thumbnails' changed to 'thumbnail.

= 0.7.2 = Template system has changed. Now the posts loop must be defined inside the template. Check templates/default.php for an example.

= 0.8 = Widget built for WordPress 2.8's Widget API, so you need at least WP 2.8 to use the widget.

= 0.9 = Template system has changed. Custom templates should be stored in WordPress theme folder.

== Changelog ==

= 0.23 =

This update is dedicated to Michelle K McGinnis who bought me "Diamond Age" by Neal Stephenson from my Amazon Wishlist. Thanks! :D

  • Added excerpt size. You can set how many characters you want the excerpt to display with 'excerpt_size'.
  • Fixed HTML tag and CSS class for each element (Check Other notes for usage).
  • Removed shortcodes from excerpt.

= 0.22.3 =

= 0.22.2 =

  • Fixed bug with the categorypage=yes param.
  • Tested with WordPress 3.3.

= 0.22.1 =

  • Fixed accidentally deleted line which made the catlink=yes param not work.

= 0.22 =

  • Added CSS "current" class hook for current post in the list: .current class attached to either the li or a tag of the currently viewed page in the said list.
  • Added morelink parameter, check Other notes for usage.

= 0.21.2 =

  • Removed var_dump... (Sorry about that)

= 0.21.1 =

  • Small fixes:
    • Used "empty()" function for some Strings instead of evaluating isset() and != ''.
    • Include parameters on the get_posts args only when they are set (post_parent among others).

= 0.21 =

  • Added 'thumbnail_class' parameter, so you can set a CSS class to the thumbnail and style it.

= 0.20.5 =

  • Brought back the multiple categories functionality for the id parameter. Hopefully the last 0.20 bugfix release so I can start working on new stuff to implement.
  • Now the name parameter accepts multiple categories too. Just use: [catlist name=category1,category2]

= 0.20.4 =

  • Yet another bugfix, regarding nothing being displayed when using tags.

= 0.20.3 =

  • Fixed category detection code, which created some messy bugs in some cases

= 0.20.2 =

  • Minor bugfix release

= 0.20.1 =

= 0.20 =

  • Added the possibility to list posts from the current post's category
  • Some fixes to documentation

= 0.19.3 =

= 0.19.2 =

  • Small fix, missing parameter for taxonomy.

= 0.19.1 =

= 0.19 =

This update is dedicated to S. Keller from Switzerland who gave me "The Ultimate Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" from my Amazon Wishlit in appreciation for the plugin. I am really enjoying the read :D. If you, like S would like to show your appreciation, here's my wishlist:

= 0.18.3 =

  • Small excerpt fix, some readme file fixing too.
  • Not showing the_content for password protected posts.

= 0.18.2 =

  • Small fixes. Should work for name parameter in all cases now.

= 0.18.1 =

  • Added slug and name to the fetching of category id from previous update.

= 0.18 =

  • Fixed category id bug. Reported and fixed by Eric Celeste -, thanks!
  • Improved template system a liitle bit, now you can pass an HTML tag and a CSS class to sorround each field on your template.
  • Added category link which wasn't working after previous big update.

= 0.17.1 =

  • Fixed displaying of "Author:" even when not being called.

= 0.17 =

  • Major rewrite. The whole code was rewritten using objects. It's easier now to develop for List Category Posts.
  • Both STYLESHEETPATH and TEMPLATEPATH are checked for templates.

= 0.16.1 =

  • Fixed shortcode nesting.

= 0.16 =

= 0.15.1 =

= 0.15 =

  • Added custom fields support. Define both custom field (customfield_name) and value (customfield_value) to use it.

= 0.14.1 =

  • Fixed "Show the title of the category with a link to the category" code (catlink param), it broke on some previous update, but now it's working again. Thanks Soccerwidow on the WP Forums for pointing this out.

= 0.14 =

  • Added "post_type" and "post_parent" from the underlining "get_posts()" API to be usable within the short-code. By Martin Crawford, thanks!
  • Added the "class" parameter to style the default ul. You can pass a class name, or the plugin will use "lcp_catlist" bby default. Thanks Chocolaterebel (
  • Fixed "tags" parameter on the documentation, it used to say "tag", and the plugin looks for "tags".

= 0.13.2 =

  • Fixed thumbnail code, added it to default.php template as example.

= 0.13.1 =

  • Fixed broken dateformat.

= 0.13 =

= 0.12 =

  • Added comments count.
  • Updated readme file

= 0.11.2 =

  • Another minimal bug fixed with the excerpt...

= 0.11.1 =

  • Fixed small bug which made the excerpt show up everytime... (Sorry :S)

= 0.11 =

  • Automatic excerpt added in case the user didn't specifically write an excerpt.
  • Widget has been finally fixed. The attributes finally save themselves, and the widget works as expected :D

= 0.10.1 =

  • Small fix - added ul tags to default template.
  • Compatible WordPress 3.0 with Twenty Ten theme (thanks again Doug Joseph :) )

= 0.10 =

= 0.9 =

  • admin parameter now shows "display name" instead of "user nice name".
  • Template system has changed: In older version, custom templates got deleted if an automatic upgrade was done. Now templates are stored in the theme folder. (Thanks Paul Clark)
  • Added tag support

= 0.8.1 =

  • Fixed bug for 'content'.
  • There's new stuff on the widget options. I'm still working on it, so some bugs may appear.

= 0.8 =

  • Widget implements WP 2.8 Widget API, so at least 2.8 is required. Now you can use as many widgets as necessary, with new params.
  • Updated readme file.

= 0.7.2 =

  • Fixed link to category.
  • Improved template system.

= 0.7.1 =

  • Fixed uber stupid bug with offset... Sorry about that!

= 0.7 =

  • Exclude posts. Contribution by acub.
  • Offset parameter on shortcode to start listing posts with an offset. Contribution by Levi Vasquez
  • Content of the post can now be displayed. Contribution by Lang Zerner.
  • Link to the category available. By request on the plugin's forum.
  • Fixed small bug when using category name.

= 0.6 =

  • Minor fix for unclosed ul if not using templates.
  • Added option to list posts from many categories at once.
  • Added option to exclude categories.

= 0.5 =

  • Readme.txt validation.
  • Added 'excerpt' parameter. You can now show the excerpt for each post.
  • Added 'dateformat' parameter. Format of the date output. Default is get_option('date_format') - by Verex
  • Added 'template' parameter. Now you can choose template for output of the plugin. File name of template from templates directory without extension. Example: For 'template.php' value is only 'template'. Default is 'default' that means template in code of plugin not in template file -by Verex

= 0.4.1 =

  • Fixed some code to enable PHP 4 compatibility. Shouldn't hosting services update to PHP 5?

    = 0.4 =

  • Added 'date' parameter. Now you can show the post's date when listed.

  • Added 'author' parameter. You can also show the post's author.
  • Sidebar Widget now allows you to add a title in h2 tags.
  • Changed some variable names, to keep better compatibility with other plugins/wordpress variables.
  • Tested with Wordpress 2.7.

    = 0.3 =

  • Broke backwards compatibility. Users of version 0.1 should update their pages and posts for the new shortcode formatting.

  • Option to pass arguments to the plugin, in order to use name of category instead of ID, orderby, order and number of posts are passed through parameters.

    = 0.2 =

  • Added experimental sidebar widget (use at your own risk, not ready for prime-time yet since it hasn't been tested :P )

    = 0.1.1 =

  • Fixed major bug, which gave 404 error when trying to use "Options" page.

    = 0.1 =

  • Option page to limit number of posts.

  • Working using [category=ID] for posts and pages, with several categories support.
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