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Initial Template for App development with JavaScript in node.js


Init is a customizable set of templates for several technologies in JavaScript, including:

How to Use It

First we create our repository (or we use our existing ones)

git init

Next lets add a git remote with the init repo

git remote add init git://

After that we pull the branches we need for example to have the latest version of the user manager

git pull init usermanager

now you can start your application with a working environment

Removing the init repo

If you want you can delete the init remote

git remote remove init

Starting the server

To start the init application (you need node and npm) just do a

npm install
node server

on the base folder

Pushing your app to Heroku

If you want to see your application working on Heroku pull the heroku-webprocess branch

git pull init heroku-webprocesss

now, with the heroku Toolbelt installed create the heroku app

heroku create

For the next step make sure you added your .ssh pub key to your heroku account

git push heroku master

you will be notified with the url of your app running on heroku cedar stack