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SA:MP server 0.3z-R4 is needed
-database name: dayz
-user name: user
-password: password
You can change this values. In pawno folder:
-create MySQL DB with name you set in (DBNAME parameter)
-add user to this DB with name (USER parameter) and password (PASSWD parameter) you set in
-compile DayZ+.pwn
-copy DayZ+.amx into a gamemodes folder
-compile menu.pwn
-copy menu.amx into a filterscripts folder
in server folder:
-fill in a database by one of this files:
1) dayz_data_mysql40_11_11_2014.sql (full MySQL database v4)
2) dayz_data_mysql56_11_11_2014.sql (full MySQL database v5)
3) dayz_empty_db.sql (empty MySQL database v5)
4) dayz_empty_db_40.sql (empty MySQL database v4)
Every player from this databases have password: "password"
If you've filled database with full data (#1 or #2), you can start to play!
Database filling:
-use next commands for database filling (from the game):
/addspawn - add player spawn place in the place you are standing
/addcar - add car spawn place in the place you are standing
/adddot [type1, type2, type3 ...] - add object spawn place (see type id in 'thing_type' table in database) in the place you are standing
/upddot <type1, type2, ...> - add object types to the last dott created with /adddot command
/addobj <item id> [number] - add object in game (see id in 'things' table in database)
/setnew - set new objects you added with /adddot command on spawn places
The state and position of every (!) item in this mode is tracked. So, the object count is static (if you don't add any more).
You can add a new types of objects into the game. Files things.txt and imes.txt contains all information about items.
The rules for editing this files are inside them.
File things.txt contains parameters. File imes.txt contains name and description on several languages.
You MUST add description for every thing in imes.txt file! Every item has three records:
ru {...}
en {...}
es {...}
pl {...}
ru {...%d...}
en {...%d...}
es {...%d...}
pl {...%d...}
es {...}
en {...}
pl {...}
ru {...}
where XXXXXXXXXXX - system name from things.txt (wich is in []). It contains only letters from the Latin alphabet and '_' char!
XXXXXXXXXXX_VALUE - unit; must have "%d"; see patterns from this file
XXXXXXXXXXX_ABOUT - description this thing
About DayZ+ mode:
-every item in mode is tracked (untill every bullet)
-player items placed around the site of his death
-you can put some items in a vehicle
-gasoline can be drained from the tank to the canister
-any weapon can be unloaded to get ammo
Extra admin commands:
/nextcar - teleport to some (random) vehicle
/live - restore player health state
/update - reload things.txt (linux only)
/tp - teleport
/radius <meters> - set chat radius
/wound - get wound (debugging)
/hun1000 - get hunger (debugging)
/set10 - set low health (debugging)
/menu - show inventory menu
/hide - hide inventory menu
/kill - standart kill command
About engine:
-flexible system for adding new things (for linux version, you can add 'to hot', without restarting the server)
-system composite items, i.e. You can specify rules for the composing and parsing of items in the inventory
-built-in multi-language support (utf8)
-position tracking system by which an item would not be behind the blank wall, or under the ground
-realistic positioning (gradient using)
-registration/authorisation system
-ammo, player and vehicle state anticheat
-weapon anticheat
-speed anticheat
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