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Meuporg is an Efficient and Unified Project ORGanization tool

Meuporg (!M!) allows to automatically keep a centralised track of to-do items and notes associated with a project.

It creates a file like the following one in the blink of an eye using data from the files in the same directory. The main file of my master thesis. Not only does it collect data from all your files, it also allows you to insert sort and organize it in any way you like in a very easy way.

Meuporg is intended to be used to manage one person projects. It is free software (BSD licence): basically, you are free to use/redistribute/do anything you want with it as long you give me credit for designing it.


Get the archive containing all the data and then uncompress it. If you run some UNIX derivative, cd in the newly created directory and run the script.

User Manual

A detailed user manual can be found here.


The name of this program comes from a nice joke by @tshirtman. A French joke I'm afraid; "meuporg" being an attempt at transcripting the awful pronunciation a French journalist used for the "MMORPG" acronym. sigh...


As you might guess since I put this project on github, feel free (and further, encouraged) to use it! I would also love to hear your comments: you can contact me via github or at leoperrin [at/arobase]


Python script to get things done by updating item lists from the text files in a directory (org-mode, markdown, wimwiki)




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