@picce picce released this Jun 21, 2017

Assets 2

What's new:

  • modern theme for all modules
  • members now support meta data
  • added login with LogMeBot oauth provider module
  • added Seo Provider for items, menu, categories
  • auto layout and page composer in items admin
  • fix nuget dependencies

Install notes:

If some some packages are not properly restored run in package console (aiming pigeoncms website) theese commands:

uninstall-package -force AjaxControlToolkit 
install-package AjaxControlToolkit -Version
uninstall-package logmebot.net.client
install-package logmebot.net.client
uninstall-package Unofficial.ionic.zip
install-package Unofficial.ionic.zip -version

@picce picce released this Mar 9, 2016 · 132 commits to develop since this release

Assets 2

stable release with SbAdmin theme