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+Example rmr script to calculate average departure delays per month for each
+airline. This example uses the airline arrival and departure data available
+This example assumes the data has been uploaded to "/data/airline/" in HDFS.
+If you've loaded this data into a different directory in HDFS then change the
+input argument in the call to deptdelay().
+This example also assumes you've installed Hadoop, R, and rmr. This code has
+been tested with CDH3 (Hadoop 0.20.2), R 2.12.2, and rmr 1.0 on Ubuntu 10.10.
+Running the code:
+* Set an environment variable pointing to the Hadoop install and Hadoop conf
+* Execute the script:
+ $ ./deptdelay-rmr.R
+When the script completes output should be in the "/dept-delay-month"
+directory in HDFS.

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