An update for my Adium Message Style. Even simpler than the first one.
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Mnmlsm 2

A very minimal message style for Adium. Nothing else than just what you need in a list of messages. Includes simplified controls for file transfers


You will be able to get this theme in it's most stable version from, but if you want to live on the cutting edge you can easily clone the repository from Github to Adium settings folder like so:

git clone git:// ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adium\ 2.0/Message\ Styles/Mnmlsm2.AdiumMessageStyle

If you want to update the repository, just cd into it and use git pull.

cd ~/Library/Application\ Support/Adium\ 2.0/Message\ Styles/Mnmlsm2.AdiumMessageStyle; git pull

Planned color schemes:

  • Twitterrific (Light and Dark)
  • Tomorrow (Default, Night, Blue, Eighties, Night Bright)
  • Solarized

Version History

  • v0.6 File Transfer fixed, buttons will be removed once clicked
  • v0.5 Added beta filter for iChat / ICQ messages
  • v0.4 Twitterrific Light added
  • v0.3 Tomorrow, Tomorrow Night, Tomorrow Night Blue done
  • v0.2 Default Style Beta: Most styling complete
  • v0.1 Initial Commit, early Alpha!


The colors for the Twitterrific substyles are from the awesome Twitter client of the same name made by the famous Iconfactory.

The colors for the Tomorrow substyles are obviously taken from the color theme by Chris Kempson

Many thanks to @torhoehn for testing.