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A lightweight* update for the look of your Apache directory listings (as generated by mod_autoindex).

Examples: and


  • Adds a breadcrumb based on the path segments
  • Renders Readme files found in the current folder into a box at the beginning of the page
  • Makes it easy to use your own CSS (or icons)

Included Stylesheets

  • Minimal
  • Bootstrap (Based on Twitter Bootstrap)
  • Apple OS (Mimics Finder / iOS table view) early beta, may not work in every browser!
  • Uberspace (Inspired by beta

To use the alternate stylesheets adjust the $css variable in header.uihtml


  1. Apache with mod_autoindex installed
  2. PHP > 5.2 (< 5 is should work, but who would recommend anything below 5.2?)
  3. Support for .htaccess including allow_override

Simple Installation

  1. Upload the swtndx folder to the folder you want to make public (Attention: it contains a .htaccess file which might be invisble depending on your and the servers OS)
  2. Also upload the _.htaccess and rename it to .htaccess (If you already have an .htaccess in your folder, please append the contents of _.htaccess to yours)
  3. Optional, but recommened upload the robots.txt to lock out search engine spiders
  4. Done.

If it doesn't work check everything (the file that was named 1_.htaccess might contain more information for you).

If it still doesn't work get mad, throw things around. Then sit down and try again. Read the Apache docs:

Don't give up!

Advanced Installation

If you consider yourself ready for the advanced installation, you should know what to do, but here are some tipps anyway.

  • Upload the swtndx folder to any location on your server and use symlinks to add it to the folders you want to make public - Makes it easy to update.
  • Don't upload. Use git and clone the repository, then use symlinks. Makes it even easier to update.
  • Don't forget to check if your Apache has follow-symlinks enabled. If it doesn't, you can uncomment a line in the .htaccess that came with swtndx, it might be able to enable it for you.

Version History

  • v1.2 (20120229) Added a new default style sheet (Minimal) which is closer to the pre 1.0 default stylesheet and is smaller than the Bootstrap based one.
  • v1.1 (20120106) Added early draft for new stylesheet which mimics the Mac OS X Finder and iOS
  • v1.0 (20120104) re-release under new name, updated pretty much everything
  • v0.5 Intermezzo, rewrote most of it
  • v0.3 (20100201) bugfix: weird php error
  • v0.2 (20100201) bugfixes: favicon, colours, copyright, robots.txt
  • v0.1 (20100130) initial release


This is provided 'as is' and I'm not responsible for anything you do with it. Thanks.

swtndx is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 Unported license


The default icons are custom made by @kinaj exclusively for swtndx. You are not allowed to use them elsewhere. Contact @kinaj for your very own custom icons, he makes amazing things.

This script includes the Chalkwork icons set made by Dave Shea and available at and are licenced under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 3.0


The bootstrap style uses

Thanks for reading. Florian Pichler,