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Example Vue.js project

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IMPORTANT: The support for Vue is very limited because Flow doesn't recognize the syntax of .vue files and also there aren't definitions available for this framework! This is because of some features that Flow doesn't have yet! An initial work was done by a Member of Vue.js (kazupon) with this pull request: Support flowtype definition for flow-typed (WIP) #50271, but they can't go on these definitions because:

Until this-type: facebook/flow#452 and library augmentation: facebook/flow#396 are supported in Flow hardly can we take any further action.

HerringtonDarkholme [Vue.js Contributor]

Choose Vue from the list showed here. After choosing the project path and your vue CLI custom path (vue is the default value used) and the vue project template, you will have something like this view:

At the end of the process, Sublime Text will open your new project.

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