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Picidae is a document generator which has gentle experience. 💨
As shown below

Picidae Video


There are a lot of document generator now, why I choose Picidae?

Picidae Hexo GitBook
SPA ❌(pjpx)

Why I consider VuePress had supportted transformer partially?
VuePress has markdown transformer by markdown-it. However, Picidae has more than it which includes browser transformer. the browser transformer could do lots of magic, eg. react-render

Where use it


npm install picidae -g

picidae init [blog]
cd [blog]
# install Globally
picidae use picidae-theme-grass
# or install Locally
npm install picidae picidae-theme-grass --save

picidae start
open http://localhost:8989
# build the site for deploy
picidae build

# install Globally
picidae use picidae-commander-gh-pages
# or install Locally
npm install picidae-commander-gh-pages --save

# ```
# // append the configuration.
# commanders: [
#   'gh-pages?[username]/[username]'
# ]
# ```
picidae gh-pages # deploy the static assets to the github


We can write customized Theme using React.
Default Theme


We can write customized Commander using commander.
Commander: New


We can write customized Transformer which is divided into NodeTransformer & BrowserTransformer
As shown below

** mdast -> remark transformer -> markdown -> markdown transfromer -> markdown -> html -> html transformer -> html -> browser transformer (converter) -> html-to-react **