Weekend-only vanilla survival Minecraft.
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A weekend-only vanilla survival Minecraft server & community.

This is a lesson in self-control: Is it possible to play Minecraft and not lose oneself in it? The answer is mostly no, but this idea of time-capped play has appealed to many builders and adventures over the past year. After 52 weekends of laborious effort, the world itself is now open source for the community to make maps, explore, and just do anything they'd like with their creations. Enjoy.

weeks 1 to 10


Please read our Code of Conduct before continuing.


Want to play? If you'd like to play with everyone: You'll have to get on Slack to see the server IP of the week. Ping @qrush on twitter for an invite until we get an auto-inviter wired up.

The basic gist is: Be nice, don't destroy or steal, build where there's open space. Oh and don't be afraid to ask questions! We'll be happy to answer them via our chat bot, wither:


You may need git-lfs to clone this repo. It's pretty large (40GB+)! This might help for cloning it too:

git clone https://github.com/qrush/pickaxe.club.git --depth=1
cd pickaxe.club
git lfs fetch
git lfs checkout


  • Map: Generated after every weekend. Template is open source!
  • Trello: Guides, instructions, info about builds & regions on the server
  • Slack: Auto-inviter pending!
  • Wither: Our Slack-to-Minecraft chat gateway


This world is now open source! Since it's mostly content, and not code, its license is Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International. Feel free to:

  • Share
  • Remix (with credit)
  • Don't profit off this