PicketLink is a security framework for securing Java EE applications.
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  • Java EE Application Security
  • Identity Management
  • Federation
  • Social
  • REST Security
  • Standard-based Security


Ensure you have JDK 7 (or newer) installed

java -version

If you already have Maven 3.1.0 (or newer) installed you can use it directly

mvn clean install



Running the Testsuite

All tests are enabled by default whe you execute a simple

mvn clean install

Some modules provide specific profiles and system properties in order to run a specific set of integration or unit tests.

During a build (if tests are not skipped) the integration tests from tests are always executed.

Running the PicketLink IDM Testsuite

For PicketLink IDM, the following profiles are available:

  • idm-smoke-tests: Core tests that should be run as part of every build. Failures here will fail the build.

You also provide some additional system properties as follows:

  • -Dtest.idm.configuration=[all,file,jpa,ldap,jdbc,ldap_jpa]: Specify which category of tests should be run. Usually, they are references to specific configurations for each identity store.
  • -Dtest.idm.jpa.eclipselink.provider=true: Use EclipseLink instead of Hibernate when running the JPA identity store configuration tests.

Nightly Builds

Nightly Builds are available at http://repository-picketlink.forge.cloudbees.com/snapshot/.

Note: Those artitacts are SNAPSHOT versions, they're only suitable to test new features, fixes, etc.