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Hi there! pyckitup is a Python game engine you can use to make 2D games. It is free, open source and works on Web, Linux, OS X and Windows.

Getting Started

  1. Download pyckitup binary.
  1. Initialize game folder

The folder contains the clock example game.

pyckitup init hello
cd hello
  1. Iterate over your game

  2. Once ready, deploy to web with

pyckitup build

This creates a build/ directory which contains everything you need to deploy your awesome game to the web. Simply copy the folder to where you want it served.

How it works

pyckitup is a thin layer glueing RustPython interpreter to quicksilver game engine. It compiles to a single binary on different systems. Native binaries(as opposed to wasm) also come with wasm files.

When you load a pyckitup game in browser, it loads a single 5MB wasm blob and interprets Python code stored in localStorage. As a result there is a 10MB code size limit.