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Tailwind Build

npx tailwind build main.css -o output.css


  1. Create a better coffee timer, initially for personal use.
  2. Use the brews to create a database of coffees tied back to their data with more data (like most popular brews or multiple roasters for a specific coffee).
  3. Stretch-Goal: be able to pull data from bluetooth coffee scales (like Acaia) to actually agregate the brewing data.
  4. Super-Stretch-Goal: create a web app that allows users to connect with their favorite baristas and make coffee the way the pros do, by mimicking their brew-guides.

Brew Timer

  • Start, Stop
    • Add styling so it actually looks like a minute timer "0:00" // Consider using a library, (like moment.js).
      • Opted not to use a library for the time being
  • Events
    • Be able to name events (e.g. Bloom, Pour, Pulse, Stir, Drip, etc...)
    • Algorithmically guess events (start, bloom, etc...)
    • Until Bluetooth functionality, be able to input volume and create a graph
  • Brewer Type (e.g. V60, Kalita, Chemex, etc...)
  • Input coffee (for now just a text input)
    • Add Optional information: roaster, producer, MASL
    • Abstract away the process of adding the input sections. Like an array: [coffeeName, producer, masl, brewer, dose, ratio]
    • Consider refactoring to use the information from the thisBrew Object, might be a better way.
  • Export brew (make it pretty for people to export ☺️)

Coffee Database

  • Create user sign-in (offload/outsource/library?)
  • User Settings/Save
  • Save Brews
  • Save Coffees
    • Issues:
      • Same coffee from different roasters
      • Same Coffee different roasts
      • Social element
  • Social
    • Share? Have a feed of brews?
    • Link to roasters?


  • Don't do, until you are happy with FUNCTIONALITY. This is about self-restraint, Andy.
  • Make each section its own grid section, make the final card a single card that can be exported.
    • Learn how to export items, and to also send data.
  • Do some design research to make sure it doesn't look bad
  • Decide on a CSS structure (Sass, other framework, vanilla?)
  • Decide on a color pallete
  • Decide on fonts
  • Don't over do it.

Progressive Web Application

  • Is this app a good use-case for a PWA? (I believe it is)
  • Gather Resources for How to Publish as PWA
  1. Google PWAs
  2. Google PWA Checklist
  3. Mozilla PWAs
  4. Max Firtman iOS Web Apps
  5. Microsoft PWAs
  6. CodeNewbie Podcast
  • Publish PWA


Web APIs


Never Forget a Coffee.






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