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A plugin for the Merb framework that provides helper functionality for the rSpec testing framework.

== Stories
  merb-rspec supports rSpec story generation for regular Merb apps.  See http://rspec.info for more information 
  on using rSpec plain text stories.
  When using the generators for the first time, a few extra helper files will be generated.

=== Generation Examples

==== Simple
  To generate a simple story use:
  {{{merb-gen story my_story}}}
  This will generate all files needed to support that story.  
    - steps/my_story.rb
    - stories/my_story
    - stories/my_story.rb
==== Complex
  You can keep your stories organized by putting stories into sub-directories.  To do this with the generator use:
  {{{merb-gen story complex/story_group/story_file}}}
  This will generate the following files:
    - steps/complex_story_group_story_file.rb
    - stories/complex/story_group/story_file
    - stories/complex/story_group/story_file.rb

=== Usage Examples
  merb-rspec has a rake task for running your stories.  To include it you need to make merb-rspec a dependency in your app.
  To make the rake file available, in config/init.rb include the following line:
  {{{dependency "merb-rspec" if Merb.environment == "test"}}}

  Once you have the rake file available you can run the stories:
  rake story[my_story]
  OR for complex examples
  rake story[complex/story_group/story_file]
  OR to run all the stories
  rake story[all]