@rusher81572 rusher81572 released this Jan 30, 2018

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New Features:

  • When config changes are made, they now populate to every node in the cluster
  • Initial support for themes
  • JerryCluster - Hungry for Containers?
  • Elasticsearch Metrics for each node - Monitor CPU, Memory, and disk usage over time.
    • elasticsearch_index in config.json is now deprecated.
  • Included Grafana dashboard (grafana-dashboard.json) to view host metrics from Elasticsearch.
  • Container CPU and Memory metrics are now displayed on the container layout page.


  • Container Layout: Container uptime is now displayed
  • CSS Enhancements
  • Deletes the temporary uploaded files
  • No longer have to click on 'Reload Config', config.json is updated automatically when you submit changes.
  • Legacy 'Reload config' removed from the webconsole and server.
  • Can now update variables cluster-wide in config.json via the webconsole such as:
    username, password, syslog, rsyslog, elasticsearch, VIP, theme, token, server, and server_port.
  • Merge node functions into combined manage section
  • Merge container functions into combined manage section
  • Merge image functions into combined manage section
  • More consistent user interface and cleaned up navigation
  • Cleaner client-side javascript
  • Refactored node, container, and image listing into a more readable form

Bug Fixes:

  • You can now create containers from pulled images.
  • Major modal CSS bugfixes